Stephen Jolly’s leftist propaganda against Reclaim Australia conned the media, police and even celebrities

Ahead of the Aussie Patriots’ Rally in Melbourne on Saturday July 18, 2015, which was much publicised openly and nationally by the United Patriots’ Front; the Left was plotting and scheming.

It must have been all led by leftist Yarra City councillor, Stephen Jolly, a serial anarcho-Trotskist and leader of The Socialist Party in safe-zone Melbourne.  He had help from his loyal sidekicks, fellow Trotskyite Mel Gregson and bovver boy Anthony Main.

Anthony Main, Mel Gregson, Stephen JollyThe ideologically-driven Trotsky hate cult, based in Melbourne co-ordinating street violence

The truth of his ‘Jolly’ counter campaign has since transpired thus:

  • Stephen Jolly’s Socialist Party Australia sets up a campaign command centre – probably at Trades Hall in Carlton South replete with union slush funded catering, or if not using City of Yarra council chambers
  • Lefty groups gathered and devised a counter Black Bloc violent campaign deliberately to achieve maximum media visual publicity (eye candy)

Protest Banner 'Rally Against Racism'

  • Anti-Australian political activist group ‘No Room For Racism’ sprung into rally participation recruitment and planning action
  • Hardcore dumpster squatter student types prepared the ‘anti-racist’ posters – funding coming from insider Labor charity (slush) funds

No Room for Racism

  • A dedicated Facebook campaign ‘Rally against Racism’ across the Lefty-sphere expecially to Left-wing student union groups – Socialist Alliance/Alternative, Melbourne anarchists – (like Rose Steele of NUS, Pat Dollard and Rachel Withers (UMSU, Himasha Fonseka (RMIT)
  • Patriots taking buses from interstate are targeted by various violent threats before, during and then launched on departure
  • Lefties dress anonymously in Black Bloc ready and keen for violence against anyone even police. Many take ICE en route to Victorian Parliament House so they are psychotically ready for a fight

Socialist Alliance incites violence in MelbourneBlack Bloc hate rampage against Aussies in Melbourne


  • Leftist propagandists are deployed to capture pro-Leftist accounts of the Rally (like Andy Fleming, Sue Bolton) and Lefty-sympathising photojournos (like Ali Bakhtiarvandi, Chris Hopkins, Anadolu Agency, afghan illegal Barat Ali Batoor, Penny Stephens, and Tracey Nearmy)
  • Lefty freelance writers (like Van Badham, Celeste Liddle, Jeff Sparrow and Martin McKenzie-Murray) seconded to write immediate follow up articles – from the Lefty perspective of course
  • Key Left-sympathising mainstream media contacts are primed for content at Fairfax, The ABC, SBS, 3CR, The Guardian, Green Left Weekly and The Saturday Paper
  • Online anarcho-lefty bloggers like Dave Fregon are seconded to magazine propaganda articles on Indymedia, Slackbastard, RedFlag, En Passant, Anarchist Black Cross Melbourne, Melbourne Medic Street Collective, The Online Hate Prevention Institute and – we watch your spaces
  • Twitter hashtags are set up to convey instant updates to smart phones during the Lefty counter-protest
  • Misinformation was sent via Labor Party insiders to Victoria Police about non-existent weapons on buses (read the truth in Melbourne’s radio 3AW article below)
  • Australian rock celebrities Jimmy Barnes, John Farnham, Colin Hay and Goanna were threatened with harmful racial slurs unless they immediately repudiated Aussie patriots playing their songs. We respect their concerns under such personal reputational intimidation.
  • Lefty counter campaign funded by political expenses claimed back through Yarra City Council slush funds.


Such is the umpteenth anti-Australian violent protest organised in Melbourne over the years by one Trotskyite pest, Stephen Jolly.  The man is not even Australian.  He’s an imported foreigner from Ireland – a violent Black Block globalist from the republic.  He shares no affinity for Australian heritage and our traditional values.  He hates Australia and its people.  He is spending his sad life attacking a foreign host country to him, Australia, despicable of the fact that we welcomed him in on trust.

  • Stephen Jolly is wanted for being the mastermind behind multiple political campaigns against the Australian people.
  • He is wanted for treachery against the sovereignty of the Australian nation.
  • He is wanted for immediate deportation back to Ireland.

Stephen Jolly is scared of wandering outside his Lefty stronghold in Collingwood and Richmond (unilaterally renamed ‘Yarra City’ by Leftists), so he should be easy to spot.

Stephen Jolly a dangerous LeftyMelbourne’s mastermind behind Leftist Black Bloc street clashes.  He’s an import.  He may have a third nipple too!

If you see this man, call Crime Stoppers Victoria.

Crime Stoppers

As our spotters in Melbourne at Saturday’s anti Reclaim Australia rally observed, not all the anti-racists (sic) were happy with the extreme-left.

Now Red Flag, online blog of the Socialist Alternative in Melbourne, admits it.

We reproduce the Leftist propaganda as follows:

“The concerted counter-protests in Melbourne have had a major impact in limiting Reclaim Australia’s ability to get a foothold. The counter-rallies have exposed the fascists at the heart of the far right and made the less brazen and extreme racists hesitant to attend.

This approach might not win us many friends in the media, from either conservatives or hand-wringing liberals. But if it stops the far right from gaining the space to spread their hate, it is a small price to pay.”


RedFlag is published of ACTU Trades Hall office in inner Melbourne’s Carlton South.

Give Red Flag a call to express your concern!

RedFlag Press run out of ACTU Trades Hall

Melbourne Trades Hall

The ACTU is clearly sleeping with socialists, Trotskyites and anarchists.

ACTU Ged KearneyACTU President Ged Kearney working out of Trades Hall with Red Flag Trotskyites since 2010.


The extreme-left’s anti-fascist psychosis grips and propels naive student street action at a mere hash tag – perhaps ICE helps.

However,theReclaimers generally could not even be remotely seen as fascists. Yet they are attacked on that basis. If these self-defined diviners of the motion of history can’t get this right, we must wonder over how politically savvy they really are!

Nationalists believe it is because ‘someone’ is pulling the strings of so-called anti fascism that the extreme-left isn’t able to perceive this.

The Campaign Against Racism And Fascism also said yesterday of the RedFlag statement:

“Important arguments here to combat those who claim that our confrontational approach is ‘alienating’ and that we should just let the fascists spew their hatred on our streets unmolested.

The pseudo morality drips everywhere.

The anti-racists (sic) at the Melbourne rally generally declined the entreaties of the extreme-left to engage in violent action. That will continue to be the case. So the extreme-left, speaking for all, will engage in further violence to bridge the gap between its all-seeing knowledge and the ‘backward consciousness of the masses’ – and so on and so on and so on.

Black Bloc Leftists co-ordinated by Stephen JollyLeftist Black Bloc violence seekers ICE-fueled amassing down Melbourne’s lane ways on July 18, 2015

..directed to inflict bovver against any Australian Flag Bearer they come across – male or female


The Bus Gun Truth

‘Gun owner defends himself after police seized gun ahead of Reclaim Australia rally’

(Sunday July 26, 2015 by 3AW Radio)

“A man claiming to be the owner of a gun which was taken by police ahead of the Reclaim Australia rally in Melbourne last Saturday denies there was anything sinister involved.

Victoria Police chief commissioner Graham Ashton told Neil Mitchell on Thursday his NSW counterparts had seized the firearm from protesters who were travelling to Melbourne from Sydney to attend the rally.

John, a sporting shooter who holds a (firearms) licence, told 3AW News he had spoken to authorities several days before the trip to find out how to safely transport the weapon.  He said he was going to the rally but had hired a car with the intention of heading to a shooting range at Springvale, to fill in time, before returning to Sydney that night.

He said the issue had been blown out of proportion, but admits he may have been a bit naive.

“The firearm was never going to be anywhere near the Reclaim rally,” John said.  “The bus driver dropped us off 10 minutes up the road, where we alighted (got off) the bus.

“I went straight to the hire car company and picked up that hire car and that was going to be where the firearm stayed. “I haven’t done anything wrong, I haven’t committed any crimes, I’m a responsible person and a licensed shooter.”



United Patriots’ Front – Official Statement

 Victorian Police Chief Commissioner, Graham Ashton

Victorian Police framing United Patriots Front

“In NSW the police work with integrity with the exception of Lakemba Police station.We have been advised tonight by NSW Police that they themselves are shocked at the Grand Standing by the New Police Commissioner in Victoria who is obviously trying to get brownie points in his new Left Wing Violent state.
It is not the policy of Police to release details of an investigation during its investigation. Police Commissioner ” Graham Ashton ” has just caused problems with NSW investigations.NSW police confirmed and will release a media Statement in the coming days as to the real facts and not the Left Wing Bigot Graham Ashton
  1. Police did not search any bus coming from Sydney to Melbourne or on Return with UPF or reclaim members.
  2. NSW police through investigations stopped someone before they attended Sydney and took a Legal Gun from a person, he had no ammunition and advised he was going to a shooting range in Melbourne. This man was not a UPF member and did not march with UPF, he was a reclaim organiser. He did however travel on the bus and police did not advise the organisers as the man was stopped long before he got into Sydney.
  3. Police did assist at the request of UPF organisers to remove a Nazi from the bus and from the Reclaim event in Melbourne.
    The Police commissioner ” Graham Ashton ” did not advise NSW police he was going to make any statements and internal investigations are now underway.

When the driver of the bus, that The UPF organised between Melbourne and Sydney, was contacted via telephone today to give a brief statement he was more than happy to comply.

When he was informed of today’s left-wing media vomit – being the first time he has been made aware of the alleged incident – he laughed in disbelief. Apart from referring to the news as “so weird” and “absolutely crazy”, and after asking us if we were sure they weren’t referring to a different vehicle all together, he confirmed that his bus which UPF and their supporters were travelling on, was at no point searched by police, stating that ” there was no police presence and no firearms or weapons at all present on my bus.”

He informed us that he has been contacted by NSW Police for a meeting on Saturday where they will be requesting a statement from him, but the nature of or reason behind this request he has not yet been revealed to him by Police.

The driver says with confidence, “I know for a fact nothing happened, it was all good. Like I’ve been saying to everyone, the guys that I had on board – there was never a problem, there was no problem with anyone on the coach. I can honestly say that I liked everyone on the bus that day.”

The driver also agreed that the UPF members and their supporters are a group of genuinely good people and that they weren’t out to hurt anyone nor did they present with any anger.

“So [on Saturday] I’ll just be telling the Police just that! Which is the truth!” he added.

Before wrapping up the conversation, the driver also agreed wholeheartedly that sabotage in the form of rumour mongering and Chinese whispers were the only possible explanation for such allegations.”

UPF for Australian PrideSimply making a stand for Australia and Australian traditional values.