Bendigo Bank and Council bankrupting Australian citizens to serve an invited Islamic community

Community bank? Which community? Islamic!

Any Australian in the Victorian town of Bendigo who banks with the Bendigo Bank must have rocks in their head.  Indeed, any Australian full stop who banks with the Bendigo Bank must have rocks in their head.

Not only is the Bendigo Bank lying about being an Australian community bank, it colluded with Leftist mayors like Peter Cox of Bendigo, to help fund and approve a $3 million foreign Islamic mosque for Bendigo that the locals don’t want.

The City of Greater Bendigo council even engaged an expensive Queens Counsel on $1000 an hour to make sure it won the Islamic case against Bendigo locals opposing the mosque. Local ratepayers footed the bill of course.

Bendigo Bank islamic community bank

Now Ordinary Australians comprising the Bendigo Concerned Citizens Group are being forced into bankruptcy by a $55,000 court order from an undemocratic Victorian Court of Appeal. What have elected Liberal and Labor parties members done in the State of Victoria – sat by and appeased the muzzies.

But the three appeal judges – Chief Justice Marilyn Warren, Justice Robert Osborn and Justice Joseph Santamaria –  claim that these objections were “overstated”.

Crap!  Let’s see Warren, Osborn and Santamaria each cop a mosque in their snobby Melbourne residential avenues.

Rules for some. The court process is politically abused and unrepresentative of Australian community values and mores.

A community rally in Melbourne in July 2014 saw violent clashes between rival protesters, and protests were also held in Bendigo in August and October.  All three rallies involved Victoria Police running major law and order operations to keep the peace, which involved more than 400 officers, costing Victorian taxpayers around $750,000.  So the claim of costs of $55,000 by the Victorian court of appeal are but a farce, and a political one at that.

Labor Mayor Peter Cox approved the mosque for Bendigo on June 18, 2014.  He resigned in disgrace in November 2015 under pressure from hundreds of angry Bendigo ratepayers demanding his resignation for treachery, and accusations of corrupt conduct.

Bendigo Australians protest the mosqueJune 18, 2014: the day of Bendigo Council Shame


Even Cr Peter Cox’s council colleagues had complained against him.  Bendigo councillors Elise Chapman and Helen Leach allege Cox breached conduct policies on several occasions during his term as mayor.  They want an independent panel set up to investigate their complaints.

Cox came from a charity background trained in global issues and international community development, so a lifetime of relying on Australian taxpayer welfare to support Third Worlders inside Australia.

2015 Bendigo Bank Community Scholarship presented by Peter Cox2015 Bendigo Bank Community Scholarship presented by Peter Cox – and the winner is…a Muslim!


Cox is an Ian Rintoul of sorts – an anti-Australian pest.  He never held a decent job in his life, always bleeding the taxpayer. Cox is one of seven Lefty stooges who in the face of vehement local community opposition, still approved a mosque for Bendigo.

These are the traitors and they’re names are shite!

Bendigo Traitors

Phony war:  Peter Cox and Rod Fyffe are Labor stooges.  Fyffe took over from Cox after the mosque affair, yet Fyffe too voted for it.

Barry Lyons and Lisa Ruffell are members of the Liberal Party.  James Williams is a National Party member.  So the Liberals control council and with Labor, signed off on the mosque, unrepresentative of the local electorate.  False independents are typically conservatives (Liberal-National Coalition members/supporters) yet fraudulently hide behind a deceptive cloak of independence.

What is the definition of corruption and treachery?

This issue presents an Australian civil resistance struggle.  Ordinary local Australians are defending their community and their way of life.  None of us want barbaric muslims and their primitive sharia anywhere near Australia.

Many patriotic people in Bendigo are set to be out-of-pocket to the tune of $55,000 in costs to the City of Bendigo and to a foreign Muslim organisation.  That on top of fees paid to their lawyers who supposedly acted for them to the tune of many thousands.


Legal action past a certain point should never have been part of the game when it comes to issues linked to immigration or multicultural policy.


Of course, it can arise that a matter in the people’s interest can be settled in a court case. But that is a rare thing.  The only course of action that ever offered a chance of victory was civil resistance. It is still the only option – even now.

It is noted that one of the Bendigo ‘patriot’ lawyers was Robert Balzano who also acted for the Protect Penrith Action Group over two mosques in Kemps Creek. One mosque will go ahead and the other is bound to.  In this Penrith affair, the Liberal Party Councillor Marcus Cornish recently organized a $150 a head dinner to raise funds for the case. The Protect Penrith supporters, buttressed by Pauline Hanson no less, fronted up to pay their dollars.

When this case is lost, what will the ordinary folk say?  Again people’s civil resistance was the solution.  Money and time are best spent outside of courts and a long way away from Liberals like Balzano.  They are best spent on the myriad of protest and disruption actions that can make undemocratic decision-making just too costly, methods that build people’s pride and people’s commitment to continue a struggle.


Australia First Party makes it very, very, clear to people involved in these sorts of protests – do not get involved with those who advocate legal action, keep the struggle at a community level and under your direct control.

We say that people should study the idea of civil resistance and apply it.

Eureka Rebellion December 1854


Bendigo Council and Bendigo Bank are in bed with the applicant for the greenfield mosque at 9 Rowena Street, East Bendigo, the Australian Islamic Mission Incorporated. Well it certainly isn’t Australian in any sense.  It exists to espouse foreign Islam, anathema to Australian culture.   Bendigo Bank Manager, Chris Bone is after the Islamic deposits and is lobbying for sharia finance to be offered interest-free, but only to Muslims!

Bendigo Bank pro-IslamBendigo bank manager, Chris Bone’s hate toward Australian values…


Bendigo Bank has closed The Concerned Citizens Fund’s bank account citing the group’s aims as, “…. not in keeping with the Bank’s values of diversity and inclusiveness”.

The foreign Islamic Mission is set up in Sydney and runs one of Sydney’s biggest mosques, Punchbowl Mosque.

Punchbowl Mosque

Mosques in Australia have been associated with teaching hatred and jihad.  They are known to store caches of weapons for jihad. Parramatta mosque in Sydney is a case in point.

This foreign Islamic Mission has now got council approval, Bendigo bank support and court go ahead for its Islamic mosque in Bendigo.  But it is not just a mosque.

Bendigo Bank MosqueProposed Bendigo Mosque – anathema to Australian cultural values


The approval includes:

  • A main 375 muzzie mat kissing hall
  • Separate hall for extracurricular activities – jihad radicalisation of youth, visiting hate preachers?
  • Mufti residence
  • Planning office (for what)
  • Islamic school
  • Jihad bookshop
  • Halal café
  • Domed courtyard
  • Minaret tower with calls to prayer 24/7
  • Car parking for 131 vehicles
  • Lots of palm trees and sand brought in so the muzzies can yearn their desert origins.


Women muzzies may attend subject to the following strict sharia conditions:

  1. That there is no risk of them tempting others or being tempted
  2. That their attendance will not lead to anything that is forbidden according to sharee’ah
  3. That they do not jostle with men in the street or in the mosque
  4. That they should go out not wearing perfume
  5. That they should go out wearing hijab, not making a wanton display of their adornment
  6. A door should be set aside in the mosque just for women to enter and exit, as mentioned in the hadeeth narrated in Sunan Abi Dawood and elsewhere
  7. The women’s rows should be behind the men
  8. The best rows for women are those at the back, unlike the case for men
  9. If the imam makes any mistake in his prayer, men should say “Subhan Allaah!” and women should clap
  10. The women should leave the mosque before the men, and the men should wait until the women have dispersed to their homes, as mentioned in the hadeeth of Umm Salamah (may Allaah be pleased with her) in Saheeh al-Bukhaari and elsewhere.

Bendigo copping the Islamic fingerThe Islamic finger intimidates