NSW jails overcrowded by ethnics – send the bill to Canberra Immigration

In ethnic saturated Sydney, crime is out of control because of mainly bad immigrants let in by Australian Immigration, especially under Greens Labor 2007-2013.

FACT CHECK:   Most foreigners settle in urban Australia’s Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth.  The proverb “Birds of a feather flock together” holds eternal, meaning: people of similar character, background, or taste tend to congregate or associate with one another.

Australian Immigration is staffed by Leftists, foreigners and globalist socialist ‘do-gooders’, so most foreign undesirables get waved through, and often because the immigration agent is of the same ethnicity  (birds of a feather).

Sorry, no entry to Australia!

Many so-called “asylum seekers” arrive from nations in civil war – Sri Lanka, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and African war-torn nations like Somalia, so they arrive violence-conditioned.   What the?  Aussies never asked for this foreign shit!

Most don’t fit into Australian society, yet Australian Immigration couldn’t give a toss – mostly Immigration employs immigrants so no incentive to preserve traditional Australian integrity.  Moreso, it’s more like:  let’s flood Australia with our cousins!

Australian Immigration then dumps the scum problem on to the states to deal with – no communication, no funding, no care, no responsibility.

Australian state governments need to have the balls to send the foreign dumping multi-million dollar bill back to Canberra Immigration.

Australian Sovereignty

 Tony Abbott, you pay for continuing to let them in!

Western Sydney since Kevin Rudd has become Middle East Downunder.  Sydney’s ethnic crime is at record levels – drugs, gangs, gang rape, murder, drive by shootings, home invasions – mostly by male immigrants.

Milad bin Ahmad-Shah al-AhmadzaiMuslim jihadist, Milad bin Ahmad Shah al Ahmadzai, arrested in Sydney

The Syrian conflict has spilled over into violence in Sydney’s south west arab ghetto, Bankstown, where a gang of Sunni Muslim men have been accused of extorting businesses owned by Shia men in retaliation for the Shia supporting Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. Hizb ut-Tahrir’s Australian leader recently called on the country to become an Islamic state ruled by Islamic law and for a boycott of Anzac Day.

Just deport them!

New South Wales prisons are becoming increasingly overcrowded with three inmates per cell in some cases.

In 2011, Liberal Party Premier Barry O’Farrell closed three NSW prisons housing 900 inmates, mostly immigrants.   In 2014 under the Liberals, the remaining NSW prison population has reached a record high of nearly 11,000 inmates – mainly male and mainly immigrant.  The numbers are growing, yet the Liberals are cutting back on prison funding.

In Victoria, ethnic prison overcrowding has become so bad, shipping containers have been brought in.

Australia prisoners in shipping containers

In NSW,  it is not uncommon for 20 prison officers to be on duty to supervise more than 300 inmates.  Prison overcrowding is becoming chronic and dangerous and is set to boil over.  NSW Prison guards have started refusing to allow any more inmates into the New South Wales gaol system because of concerns about overcrowding.

  • All foreigners in Australian gaols need to be auto-deported with lifetime bans on re-entry to Australia imposed.
  • Australian gaols must only hold Australian born citizens.
  • Australian Immigration needs to have all foreigners weeded out of its employment.
  • All visa applicants to Australia need to be compulsorily screened for any criminal history and if found so, to be denied entry, and added to ASIO’s blacklist database.
  • The only new gaols for foreigners in Australia are to be those offshore and funded by the host nations of the respective nationals.
  • Any re-entrant to Australia from overseas, who has been declared by ASIO to have served in a foreign conflict or military force (including serving in Israel’s military), must be denied re-entry to Australia and their passport cancelled, whether Australian-born or otherwise.

australian jewsASIO take note!

Violent MuslimsJihadists unwanted in Australia!