Australia’s multicultural success on show in Melbourne as African gangs habitually trash Airbnb party houses

Canberra’s imported Anti-Australian Race Discrimination Commissioner, Tim Soutphommasane, preaches to his constituent leftard flock that “on social cohesion, even multiculturalism’s critics would readily concede the social miracle of Australia’s twentieth and twenty-first century migration history.”  (website, Wednesday 9 March 2016).

Soutphommasane (his real ridiculous name) has never backed any race discrimination case raised by a native White Australian.

Such conceited invaders preach to conspire amongst innocent native Australians, antagonism and divisiveness toward their ultimate goal of national social anarchy.  As ancestral and seasoned Australian nationalists, we early recognise their kind and fervent hate towards Australia.

Islamic hate deported

African immigrant gangs hate-trash Melbourne

Last Tuesday night, December 19 2017, yet another Airbnb Party House got trashed by imported negro offspring gangs from Sudan/Somalia.

Four African nigrettes (aged 17) from Melbourne’s ethnic saturated Dandenong used fake ID to party let a new residential house in Attunga Grove, Werribee so they could have a wild party.  The street name had an African flavour to it.  They then promoted their party on Facebook.

So sure as night follows day, the tribal jungle drums resounded across Facebook.  Sudanese/Somali gangs around Werribee and nearby Hoppers Crossing and Tarneit all got wind of the party on their Samsung mobile phones, while tucking into monkey nuggets at convenient Maccas and KFC joints.

Facebook party jungle drums

At around 3am Wednesday,  with the girls partying wild to jungle music, da predicable negro mobs rocked up, gatecrashed and did da violence.  From the street, the hateful black mob hurled rocks piled up at a nearby property, pelting party-goers and smashing windows  They completely chimped out using large wooden stakes used to tether trees as swords.

This is chimping out, when you let in Africans:


It was reverting to form like back in good ‘ol muzzie Khartoum, Juba and Mogadishu civil war badlands.

Negro youths:  “wees just luv Aussie welfare”

Victoria Police Inspector Marty Allison confirmed police were called to a report of gate crashing and one pulled the hair of two girls and threatened them.

Police dispatched just two officers, and so on arrival, the officers were outnumbered and pelted with rocks by the negro mob with one officer being injured.  As the mob warred with police, officers were forced to retreat and call in reinforcements – both the heavily armed public order response team and the critical incident response team.

The scene was straight out of Planet of the Apes.  The Airbnb party let was extensively damaged and neighbours had their car windows and windows in their homes smashed.


One room had orange stains from capsicum spray.

Almost every plaster wall in the house has been damaged, windows have been smashed, and rubbish including condom wrappers litters the floors.  The words ‘Apex’ and ‘MTS’ (Menace to Society) were scrawled on walls and furniture.

Immigrant offspring hate bred message to Australians – da “social miracle” of Sudanese/Somalis here


Violent negro street gangs calling themselves ‘Apex’, ‘Menace to Society’ and ‘Westside Crew’ are well-known to Victoria Police and to the juvenile court system, who do nothing.  Apex first set up in the ethnic Dandenong ghetto on the outer east side of Melbourne.  The other two have since set up in outer western Melbourne around Werribee.


The negro damage bill is estimated to run to tens of thousands of dollars.

Neighbours said last night was “like a war zone” in their streets – but none asked for Sudan’s civil war into their Melbourne street

Simply put, these foreign-bred negros have no respect for Australian property.  Multicultural success already for Amanda Vanstone’s Sudanese and Somalians Africans.   Success or menace, leftard fat bitch?  Africans in Melbourne must be trying to outdo their imported muddie compatriots over in Perth.

Airbnb is a devaluing time bomb in your street

Adjoining resident on Attunga Grove, Sarah, had the front windscreens of both her cars smashed, the rear windscreen of one car smashed, and a window in front of her house smashed.  “It felt like a war zone,” Sarah said. “It was just terrifying.”

Another resident reported the negros jumping on the roof of his car and screaming. His car had been significantly damaged, with dints in the roof, and the windscreen smashed. A boot mark could be seen at the top of the driver’s side window.  “We couldn’t do anything. I felt completely helpless.”

Resident, Chantelle, said of the rioters, “They treat it as a game; there were issues the night before.”

Damage in the wake of the party could be seen across the suburban street and surrounds.

The same gangs had also trashed three other Airbnb in the outer western suburbs of Altona and Point Cook as well as in a new apartment in  Docklands.  Police attended the Dockland’s Airbnb party apartment in Caravel Lane about 11.30pm, following noise complaints and reports of “bottles being thrown off an apartment balcony”.  Police found 40 Africans out of control.

The Airbnb holiday let in Altona was booked for a party and trashed with walls ripped out, windows broken and fittings smashed.  Items were stolen, objects and furniture were damaged and doors were torn apart during the party.

Let’s face it, Airbnb is a foreign online middleman holiday let broker with no scruples.

Foreign-owned Airbnb is based in San Fransciso is owned and run privately by three yanks with an exploitation world domination attitude – Joe Gebbia (Italian), Brian Chesky (a Czech)and Nathan Blecharczyk ( a Pole).  Their manager for Australia and New Zealand, Sam McDonagh, says the property owner’s host fee charged by Airbnb is usually 3%.  But with Africans turning a residential home into a Airbnb party let, the host is likely up for a higher 20% “Airbnb Experience Service Fee”.   Hosts don’t declare income, profits go offshore.

That’s on top of the damage bills, which contents insurance companies won’t pay because the residence was sublet and landlords’ insurance only covers long-term rental not holiday lets like dodgy Airbnb.

Holiday let trashing?  Neighbourhood property devaluation? 

Airbnb billionaires in San Francisco couldn’t give a toss.

Commissioner Ashton’s Circus

A Victoria Police statement said, “The home where the party was held was extensively damaged. No one was arrested at the scene.

Residents remain staggered that many negros who had thrown the rocks were later just waiting casually at a bus stop less than 100 metres away, while police looked on and did nothing.

Police know the gangs and their members – most were wearing recognisable basketball jerseys. Police had been forewarned about the African party house and had responded to troubles the previous night.

Ashton’s Circus under anti-Australian muzzie hugging pacifist Dan Andrews, proactive policing has been censored. It’s replaced with pacifying policing or absentee policing.

Castle Doctrine right of Australians

With police rendered PC useless, Australian property owners more than ever deserve a legal right to defend their family and home from home invaders. Better a dead invader than a dead home owner.

In Melbourne by night African gangs rule the street.  Same in Perth.  In Sydney, the muzzie Lebs do.  In Brisbane the coconut coons do.  Crime follows Third Worlder low-lifes when dumped in any First World society like Australia.  They see our wealth and rather than working for it, they take the low-brow Neanderthal mindset and would sooner kill to steal it from us.

With Victoria in anarchy under Labor and police castrated by racist slurs, Melburnians would be wise to arm up.   Effective family home defence options include high-definition CCTV front and back, the Louisville Slugger, mace, and a big mean dog (two even better).

For those with a firearm licence and regular range training, a 24 gauge pump-action shotgun properly secured yet quickly accessible to any Aussie home owner within the family home.  One could do a lot worse than the Mossberg 500 Slugster, Pump Action, 20 Gauge with 5+1 round magazine capacity.  Not just for blokes; these days of the White Ribbon, women need to take responsibility for defending their family home against invaders – black, brown, yellow, white, brindle.

Ready for ya Africans!

Australia’s Multicultural Failure

Multiculturalism has become a corrosive impost upon Australian society. We live it everyday: in our cities and suburbs, in our schools and workplaces, on our buses and trains. In all these places, Australians are forced to mix with those from barbaric backgrounds, many who hate our way of life.  That’s why Canberra’s hordes of imported Africans, Arabs, Islanders, Curries and Asians keep to their own ethnic enclaves when they arrive.  Through their lives they shun mainstream Australia, continue to converse in their foreign tongues and setup anti-Christian mosques and exclusive (read ‘racist’) schools.

Multiculturalist ideology rejects Australia’s homogeneous society. The multicultists instead undermine it to breed many subcultures and anti-Australian identities.  Australia’s urban societies, where the Third Worlders have been dumped, are experiencing division and antagonism as the imports and their offspring segregated themselves in multicultural apartheid, aloof from mainstream Australia.

Race Discrimination Commissioner, Tim Soutphommasane, reckons Australians are comfortable with this reality.  The public servant is a Chinese-Laotian mongrel import on $300,000 taxpayer salary a year.  So of course he would say that.  He concludes, “If Australian multiculturalism were to be considered a failure, we should see such signs of trouble. The evidence, however, doesn’t appear to suggest this is the case.”

In the European context, there are clear indications that many immigrant groups are not integrating into national communities as they should. Governments in Germany, France, Britain and the Netherlands have sounded a retreat from yet another leftard totalitarian ideology that is multiculturalism.  It’s time for Conditional Citizenship and mass deportation to restore Australia’s Monocultural Bliss.

NO! Bugger this leftard hug-a-muzzie propaganda.  Bugger off back to Africa!

  Your type is anti-Australian, sucking our welfare and breeding your hateful offspring.