Australia’s Bendigo Three patriots smile passed them hateful anarcho-islamists

Australia’s Bendigo Three appeared today at the Melbourne Magistrates Court to front leftist political charges against them in one of Australia’s worst censorship show trials in living memory.

Now nationally famous, the Aussie patriots are United Patriots Front leader Blair Cottrell, his co-accused Neil Erikson (Australian Settlers Rebellion), as well as Chris Shortis – who’s now come across to represent Australia First Party.

Together, these three rocked up this morning at court in William Street in Melbourne’s CBD for a contest mention to hear the Labor Party’s trumped up leftist tripe against them.  The whole event is premised on the spurious basis of their satirical theatrical street protest and a Google YouTube video.  It took place early on a Sunday way back on October 4, 2015 outside the closed Bendigo Council chambers.

Mr Shortis arrives and greets police, noting more police at court than the feral protesters.

The Bendigo Three are accused of helping to make a video showing the mock beheading a rather amateur cloth dummy outside the Bendigo council’s office as a protest against the leftist Labor council’s decision to undemocratically approve a mosque to desecrate Bendigo.  The mosque threatens to invite a muzzie invasion beachhead to displace traditional Aussies in Victoria’s historically regional city.

The protest was simply a piece of street theatre outside the Bendigo City Council chambers, designed to show that Islamist terrorism was real and that it lurked inside the closed ranks of Muslim communities.  Like most civilised Australians, the Bendigo Three are representative of millions of Australians who reject the invasion of Islam flooding our country.

Yet the High Court last year dismissed a final legal challenge against the council’s approval of the Bendigo mosque, paving the way for it to be built.

The Labor Party’s spurious hate case against the Bendigo Three is premised by the street theatre somehow claiming to “incite serious contempt for, or revulsion or severe ridicule of” Muslims.

It does nothing compared with this.

Offending Muslims has become a popular Aussie pastime.

Megaphoned Debbie (does hormone replacement) Brennan of Mel Gregson‘s Campaign Against Racism and Facism ranted and raved chanting something about racism and letting nazi rapefugees stay and thrive on Aussie welfare.

CARP’s Debbie Brennan – AIDS walking

Communists Against Reality and Patriots

The rabble was blocked from gate crashing the court by a police wall as bemused lawyers got herded into queues to gain access.

On arrival outside the courthouse, Mr Shortis confirmed the amateur dummy was beheaded to alert people of the pending Islamic mosque to be built. The three were greeted by a contingent of supportive UPF members outside the court.

Mr Shortis:

“It was a dramatic, dramatised, political statement, showing the very practices that exist in Islamic countries today.  Am I saying that every Muslim is capable of this sort of thing? No. I’m merely attacking the theology of Islam.”

Mr Cottrell says the trumped up charges are a bid to “silence” their political voice.

“It’s an attempt to silence us, to intimidate us, and also to create a new standard through which they can attack Australian values, break down our free speech, put us all under control.  It’s ridiculous, basically the first step towards blasphemy laws, implemented in this country. Trying to invent a ‘hate speech’ standard. It’s ridiculous. We’re going to fight it until the end, and we will win.”

Blair Cottrell: “I don’t think the mafia would get this much attention.

The three patriots are each charged with defacing the footpath and wall of a garden bed outside Bendigo council offices and behaving in an offensive manner.  It is all crap.  Here’s the location of the street theatre in a photo taken last March.  Where’s all the defacing?  That rather lame garden bed looks healthy enough.

$1100 worth of damage. Where?  Sounds like the muzzie-luv’n council wants a free lunch.


Bracks Censorship Act of 2001

The Bendigo Three lads back in Melbourne each face a six months jail term under Labor’s Victorian Premier Steve Bracks’ anti-Australia censorship act, Victoria’s Racial And Religious Tolerance Act (2001).

In the face of a Christian petition of 27,000 signatures against the law, Bracks corruptly apprpriated $260,000 from taxpayers funds to campaign for his anti-Australian law against free speech.

Bracks at the time was buttering up to the waves of Muslim immigrants invading Melbourne and he wanted their vote as they steadily displaced working Ausytralians in the inner Melbourne seat of Williamstown.  Now there’s two mosques there, the  Bilal Ben Rabah’s Mosque and the oxymoronic Australian Islamic Centre or ‘Newport Mosque’.

Predicably the beneficiaries of Bracks Censorship Act have been foreign Islamic advocates of sharia law such as the Islamic Council of Victoria in 2004.  In 2005, the oxymoronic Australia-Israel Jewish Affairs Council threatened the Islamic Information and Services Network of Australasia with Bracks Censorship Act.  And that same year, certified wizard and psycho prison inmate Robin Fletcher tried to use the Act against the Salvation Army because they only taught Christian classes in gaol, which offended his witchcraft beliefs.

Bracks was the politician who condemned Melbourne to the barbarism of foreign Islam. A few drops of reality will often disinfect an entire barrel full of ignorance and prejudice. Bracks alone has become infamously responsible for the Islamic Negro home invasions now marauding Melburnians weekly.

Islamic Negro Riot during Moomba 2016

The Labor Party’s Bendigo MP Lisa Chesters is behind this political witch-hunt.  And she got the unwashed anarcho-islamic rowdy rabble chanting outside the court to cause a nuisance and to waste police time.  All because the anarcho-islamists alliance hates the civilized First World society.

Facebook’s chief rabbi Mark Zuckerberg has censored and banned his Facebook social media platform to patriots United Patriot Front and United Nationalists Australia as well as the personal Facebook accounts of a number of members.  All it takes is a few upset civic patriots and snowflakes on the left. Facebook abuses its leftist totalitarian monopoly on communication flow.

On one memorable occasion, his personal Facebook account was given a 30-day ban for posting the word “Amen”. Then a few weeks back UNA received a message from Zio Zucker that their logo, two White hands shaking, breached community standards.

Which community? What standards?

At the same time Zio Zucker endorses hundreds of extreme Islam and anarcho-violence Facebook pages.  Facebook has become a global propaganda tool for the extreme Left, Islam, fake refugees, Zionism and globalism.

In gross irony, as the Bendigo Three were appearing in court, reports were occurring this morning in the Australian media of what appears to be an Islamist terror bombing in Manchester Arena in England. Some 22 people are so far confirmed dead and another 39 injured, purportedly by some nutjob islamic suicide bomber invading a teen pop concert.  Most of the victims are teenage local girls.  The terror is attributed to the same anarcho-islamist extremism as those ignorant ferals hateful of the Bendigo Three patriots outside the Melbourne Magistrates Court.

Inside the packed courtroom, Cottrell was clapped by his supporters as he took his seat.

Responding the to political show trial for what it is Mr Erikson told the court,

“The Bendigo residents didn’t like it, we’re concerned about Islamic migration into this country because there’s correlation to increased numbers and increased acts of terrorism. Australia is founded on the separation of church and state and I’ll use the words of Jacqui Lambie: ‘not on my bloody watch’.  They are corrupted. They have pushed for this case. They have pushed for us to be at court today. I think it’s a conspiracy against right-wing politics and conservative values.”

Mr Erickson called on Premier Daniel Andrews to be subpoenaed and appear at the hearing when it returns to court and also calls on Victoria Police Commissioner Graham Ashton to appear at the hearing.  Mr Erickson accused the Labor State Government of defending Islam’s “grotesque theology”, saying the police had “hardly any evidence” against them and called on the case to be dismissed.

Deputy Chief Magistrate Jelena Popovic adjourned the matter till September 4.  It’s the second time the show trial has been extended.  We look forward to photographing individual anarcho-islamists accordingly.

Meanwhile, Australia First Party is pledged to fight alongside with all other pro Australian groups against these charges until victory!

The Trotskyites who control the ‘Campaign Against Racism and Fascism’ (CARF) did their usual type demo at the Melbourne Magistrates Court today in the matter of the Bendigo Three.

They talked about exposing “fascists”, that they were going to stop “Nazis” and that “Muslims are welcome racists are not”. They managed to say the three defendants are currently all members of the United Patriots Front (UPF) which they are not (Mr. Chis Shortis is a member of Australia First Party), that they are all inspired by “Trump” (which is a throw away idea) and that the plan of the Three is as ever – to incite hatred against all sorts of minorities.

But even political idiots as the followers of Saint Leon (Trotsky, that is) may be, can’t always be wrong.

The publication Red Flag (newspaper and Internet magazine of Socialist Alternative) by its anarcho-editor Ben Hillier reads:

“But there’s a problem with the state laying charges over the video. Arguably, the fascists are right to cry foul on the denial of freedom of expression. And the proceedings could give them a greater profile to make their case. As one True Blue Crew member was overheard saying on the way into the room: “No publicity is bad publicity.'”

That is all certainly true. Australia First Party will back the case of the Bendigo Three to victory with precisely that in mind.