Amnesty International burns its trust with Australians

Amnesty International’s Australian Refugee Coordinator, Dr Graham Thom, has media released his view that Nauru is not suitable to economic illegal boat arrivals.   He has demanded that the Australian Government process all illegals in ‘proper accommodation’ on mainland Australia and to so close down Nauru and Manus Island detention centres holus bolus.

Dr Thom doesn’t like the idea of illegals accommodated in tents.  “We have very real concerns around their health and their mental health.”  Although excursions to swim or play volleyball are permitted, Dr Thom said they were inadequate.

Labor’s message to people smugglers:  
‘Economic illegals get the good life on Christmas Island!’

Thom is clearly one eyed to illegals, while ignoring Australia’s own internal refugees.

Smiling Graham Thom – one eyed to illegals, globally
Any organisation suffixed by ‘international’ belies globalism intent


Clearly, The Greens have invited Amnesty International in order to garner international legitimacy for their No Borders policy.  The whole visit by Amnesty to Nauru smells of Sarah Hanson-Young ‘politically -correct’ bullying tactics.  That suits Amnesty, because just like the Greens have betrayed their conservation roots and morphed into neo-Leftists desiring OneWorldism.

Remove national borders and OneWorldism, globalism, gains a total control of our landspace.  With the borders broken open, Big Business, which uses leftists as activist-fodder, has what it wants.

Well, Australians aren’t stupid and this Greens Leftist deviance tactic has bloody well backfired.  Australians, already outraged over the escalating illegal invasion and now Gillard Government’s decision to allow illegals to settle in the community, have ostracised Amnesty International.

Australia’s boat illegals – daily, charter prepaid, identification over the side, then claim persecution

The outdated 1951 Refugee Convention for World War II has long since become a ticket to ride for economic illegals and their profiting agents.  Green Labor Leftists exploit this 60 year old archaic document to implement their OneWorldism No Borders Policy.

Only a few months ago, Amnesty International was accused of racism by Australian Aboriginal woman Bess Price.

She said:

“Your organisation treated me and my people with contempt and you still do. Your organisation is undemocratic and racist.  You turn a deaf ear to those who are most vulnerable, to the most marginalised, to the women and children who are suffering so much in our communities and town camps.”

“When Aboriginal women in Central Australia ask for help, when they are killed, raped and beaten, when they cry for their abused children, you ignore them and you support those who are oppressing them. When the government tries to do something for them you call them racist and you blather on about the UN.”

Hers is a disgraceful indictment upon the organisation.  ‘Amnesty’ seems to have lost its credibility and legitimacy and sold out to Leftist agenda.

Flaming out a nation’s trust


Amnesty International is burning its trust with Australians.

Considering giving donations to Amnesty International?   Perhaps review Google and read the record.  If you are wishing to contribute charity to those in genuine need, give instead to worthy charities like Australia’s homegrown Wesley Mission and to The Smith Family – who look after genuine refugees – Australia’s own internal refugees.

Charity has always begun at home.

One of thousands of Australian internal refugees