Stopping Asylum Seekers would be so easy without Leftist High Horse Morticia

Australia’s border control priority under Labor has become non-existent, abandoned.

Gillard Labor has emerged as Australia’s worst ever regime.  Australia’s traditional forebears, who fought to defend our nation in multiple wars, would be riotous in contempt.

Imposed Loser

Economic illegals are daily, by the hundred now, boarding boats from Indonesia and as soon as out of sight of land, phoning Australia’s emergency service demanding a water taxi to collect them for immigration processing.

HMAS Gillard


Last Wednesday one of the asylum-seeker boats carrying 200 people rang Australian officials directly for help.  Australia’s Navy collected them, transported them to Christmas Island for medical checks, and now they have free board and lodging, three square meals a day, television, recreation facilities, free medical care and free legal migrant services. Illegals have the good life in Australia they seek, and know it will only get better under Australia’s open door policy. They can invite their entire village.

Illegals – whatever it takes


Illegals are getting better care and attention than Australia’s own internal refugees – our own growing homeless, exceeding 600,000!  It is worse than a friggen joke.  It is treasonable.

Gillard has got the Australia Navy and Customs overwhelmed in the complicit smuggling of illegals just like drug smuggling.  The Indonesian Government must be laughing – they let the illegals in by plane on a one way ticket from Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and turn a blind eye at the wharf as the illegals set off for the Australian good life.

This is one person holding Australia to ransom on asylum seekers.

Morticia – queen of the illegals
on a good day
Morticia cares not for Australians, but for anyone that is not Australian.  She is anti-Australian, cares not for Australia’s internal refugees – our homeless.  She wants no borders.  She wants unlimited immigration, with no thought to the consequences.  

Morticia has no interest in deterrence.  Her interest is in encouraging more illegals – no limit.  Morticia is a one-worldist communist, a grub in what once was The Greens.

Stopping the illegal flood gate of asylum seekers to Australia is easy.  The first step is to rid ourselves of the Gillard Government menace and this self-appointed queen of illegals – Sarah Hanson Young.  But with a national election a year away, and with the illegals and their smugglers are fast-tracking the boat loads, Australia faces an onslaught of illegals akin to Arizona’s Mexican border.

Asylum seekers are not forced to get on a leaky boat.  It is a charter they pay ‘Cash On Application’.

This is The Greens’ mischievous spin. Their fellow asylum seekers in detention say come to Australia for the good life.  They pay good cash to fly to Indonesia.  They know that the leaky boat method gets auto-acceptance by Australia, jumps the refugee camp queue.  They pay the smugglers good cash to board – the leakier the better.

They know Morticia has the LibLabs by the short and curlies.  So they are arriving by Morticia’s back door in droves!


Defending Australia from the Economic illegals

Stopping the flood gate of asylum seekers to Australia is easy.  Unseat the Green Grubs, take away the LibLab procrastinators and effect the following legislation:

1.   All residency visa holders in Australia, not holding citizenship, to have their residency visa auto-converted to temporary visa status with immediate effect  All others to be reconsidered in due course.

2.  All so-called asylum seekers currently anywhere in Australia and subsequent arrivals to be deported at once.

3.  Re-open the Nauru and Manus Island detention centres.  Relocate all so-called asylum seekers (Christmas Island, Darwin, Wickham Point, Villawood, Pontville, Inverbrackie, Maribyrnong, Perth, Curtin, Scherger, and Yongah Hill) to these two offshore centres for resettlement or return to last port of origin.

4.  All current and future so-called asylum seekers to Australia to be rejected without further discussion.

5.  Australia to withdraw from the 1951 Refugee Convention, on the basis that it is an obsolete post-World War II document that is being abused by illegitimate refugees and their people smugglers

6.   An indeterminant freeze on immigration to be enacted to allow infrastructure to catch up and to make other decisions relevant to the immigration program generally.

7.  Priority approval for residency is to be given to those best able to assimilate into the Australian community and who pass a points test that factors in English proficiency, independent financial means, education qualifications, genuine Australian skills needs, Australia’s carrying capacity, and a compatible cultural background.

8. All costs of so-called asylum seeker management to be deducted from Australia’s Foreign Aid Budget.

– – –

The LibLabs can stage crocodile tears in our Nation’s Parliament, but their joint uselessness in border control demands a National Citizen Initiated Referendum to overrule Party Politics incompetence.

Labor’s bottomless overdraft is unconstitutional treasury theft that demands a double dissolution of parliament.  No democracy should tolerate removal of a nation’s borders and the condoned invasion by illegals and the bankrupting of the national treasury.

Leftist Morticia’s ‘Once Were Greens‘ have become a distractive fart.