Australia First Party membership drive – time to sign up

Our party is currently on a membership drive. Interested persons may examine our membership page (link below).

In recent weeks, the party has taken on many new members from various sources. This trend is expected to continue.

The importance of maintaining a Federally registered nationalist party cannot be understated. It offers a pivot for the growing nationalist and patriotic forces which can certainly be employed electorally, but it also offers regularized status for a movement deprecated by the establishment as a dark and illicit challenge to their utopian global dream.

In recent times, Australian nationalism has been challenged both from Left and Right. The ALP has created its satellite in the form of the Australian Workers’ Party to chatter on about protecting certain industries, re-finding historical labour values and to protest visa workers. The Liberals have satellites like Pauline Hanson’s One Nation and The Conservatives to talk up ‘anti Islam’, criticise multiculturalism and demand integration of immigrants.

The satellites remain in the establishment’s service. They confuse Australians and lead them back towards the main parties. They fend off a real challenge. They soak up many people.

Australia First Party has in recent times at the electoral level demonstrated a certain degree of support.

  • We won over 3200 votes in ‘Lalor’ in the Federal poll last year!
  • We drew 4.42% in Wagga Wagga!
  • 8.65% in Blacktown City last September and followed that with 15.85% in Blacktown City in April!

As we say, we do not have voters, we have followers. We intend to build on that.

But most importantly, we will be wherever Australians are defending their ethnic-cultural identity, their livelihoods, their freedoms.

Australian nationalism must be built ideologically, politically and organizationally. That is the fact. And that process begins with you!

Click this link to Our Membership Application Page:

Australia First Party, Australia’s only true registered nationalist party is currently on a membership drive for 2017. If you would like to get involved, take action today.

Victor Waterson comment:

“Australia first party one the move and the only true voice for those affected by what’s been going on in this country since WW2 and 1966”

Richard Bautsch comment: 

“It’s a shame that the majority of people will always follow lies and empty promises. How can you let your country be sold off.”