Asylum Seeker Centre is an oasis and safe place for ringleaders of insurance scams like Thamer Ari – AAT deport the scum!

“The Asylum Seekers Centre is a place of hospitality and welcome. It is an oasis for many people, a safe place for those who have fled situations of great danger.”

Bullcrap!  It is an illegal people smuggling racket facilitating Third World criminals flooding Australia to scam and rort us.

The poor persecuted darlings from Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan etc can get all the freebies they want from the leftist government-funded Asylum Seeker Centre located at 43 Bedford St, Newtown in Sydney’s full-blown Greens-Left precinct.

Paradise Found:  Free food, free housing, free healthcare, free lawyers to fight deportation, free CASH!

(Only asylum seekers need apply)

Their website promises that:

“if you are an asylum seeker living in the community in Sydney, we can assist you with a range of services including getting legal advice on your application for protection, accommodation and financial relief.  If you are homeless or about to become homeless. (but not a White Australian) we can help you find short-term accommodation straight away so that you are safe and not forced to sleep on the street. We will then help you find somewhere to live longer term.”

“If you don’t like this lot, we even cater for Middle Eastern tastes”


..please phone 02 9078 1900 or email us at

Hey, they can even get you into a TAFE course for free like Smash Repairs. The TAFE Glendale Campus welcomes illegals by boat or plane. Just go through the Asylum Seeker Centre in Newtown to get one of them Humanitarian Visas, no worries. Training is subsidised by the NSW Government.  You have arrived lads!

Look at your fellow countryman, Iraqi asylum seeker Thamer Ari made good, real good.  He was persecuted of course.

Scamming Asylum

Ari made $2.5 million in smash repairs out at Warwick Farm in Middle Eastern southwest Sydney doing the Green Slip insurance thing.  All his mates from Iraq and Afghanistan were making a motza up until this week.  It was so easy faking car accidents and claiming post-traumatic stress disorder on Compulsory Third Party insurance.  He managed 17 cash claims.

How’s this?

Ari piles eleven darkies into a Toyota Kluger and a mini-van then does this crash at midnight on May 6, 2015.  Everyone got PTSD so he claimed $1.2 million in one go.  Beautiful!   Then three weeks later Ari drives another Toyota into a Daihatsu.  Nine darkies all cop PTSD and ARI claims another $1.3 million.

It’s money for masqouf, just like mamma used to cook back in Baghdad.  And all while on them bridging visas in community detention.

Newtown’s Asylum Seekers Centre provides Employment Assistance Service working in partnership with employers and adult asylum seekers to find full time, part-time, casual and voluntary work in the community, just like with Ari.

Back in April one of Ari’s cousins pocketed $3.5 million from all these stolen car out of insurance companies.   That Lansvale Floyd Bay boat ramp on the Georges River is so handy to dump the odd stolen car or ten.

He got his darkie doc and lawyers in on the racket.  All from homeland Iraq.  They set up in a fancy offices in ethnic Auburn, Bankstown, and even with slopeheads in downtown ethnic Liverpool and at a wedding planning business. It was working a treat using injured infants to claim CTP.  What a business model!

Commander of the Fraud and Cybercrime Squad, Detective Superintendent Arthur Katsogiannis reckons the asylum seeker entrepreneurial scams were intricate and well organised.  “We have looked at hundreds of claims and we have probed the accuracy of these claims and we can say the estimate of around $400 million per annum it costs the CTP scheme is fairly accurate.” he said.

“And the Asylum Seeker Centre service provides a specialised employment matching service to both parties and is completely free of charge, of course.” (NO Whities)

“The Employment Assistance Service consists of two teams:

Job Advisors who work one-on-one with job seekers to assist them in finding work placements. Once a position has been found, Job Advisors provide ongoing workplace support to both employers and employees. Such support greatly assists in ensuring a high staff retention rate

Employment Relations Consultants who liaise with potential employers to understand their organisation and identify relevant job opportunities. These opportunities are then referred to the Job Advisor team who put forward suitable candidates for the role

The Service runs regular employment training seminars for clients to help prepare them for the job market. Employers are also invited into the Centre on a regular basis to talk to both clients and staff about a variety of subjects including what employers expect in the workplace, the hidden job market, etc.”

“Our Employment Assistance Services offers:

  • a professional job placement service free of charge to both employers and jobseekers
  • suitably qualified candidates for full time, part time, contract and casual positions throughout Sydney
  • ongoing workplace support for employers and employees once a position has been filled
  • relevant working visa checks and tax file numbers for all candidates prior to placement
  • the opportunity to enhance the diversity of your workplace whilst providing hope and financial stability to someone in need.”

“The Employment Assistance Service invests significant resources in each placement to ensure a successful match. The Asylum Seekers Centre provided a great and professional solution to our recruiting problem without any cost to the business.” Paul Cummins, HR Manager, Telecommunications Industry.”

“All of our job seekers have been granted work visas by the government. This means they have full work rights and are legally able to work in Australia. Most asylum seekers do not have access to Centrelink benefits so are very motivated to find work.”  We do the Centrelink thing for you.  Centrelink is only for dumb queuing Aussies.

So the Asylum Seeker Centre can get you real asylum like you never dreamed of.

“Free legal advice about your application for protection, cash from the Australian Red Cross and Settlement Services International.  You just play off one against the other.

But if you’re really cash strapped, “we can provide you with emergency financial relief if you have no other source of income.”

But wait there’s more…

First six through our door could win a Trip to Paris!


“If you are ineligible for Medicare and do not have any financial income, our Health Service team can assist you with your general health care.”

“Our services include health care assessments, medical and oral health consultations, mental health counselling, physiotherapy, osteopathy, referrals, education and advocacy. All of these services are supplied pro bono by our broad network of health care providers.

Regular clinics are run in:

  • Free GP
  • Mental Health Counselling, PTSD our speciality
  • Oral Health (dental in Iraqi)
  • Physiotherapy
  • Osteopathy

We can also assist with referrals to external health care specialists which can be accessed at no cost:

  • Optometry (eyes)
  • Pathology (blood)
  • Radiology (if you get cancer)
  • Children’s Health (the more you breed the more you can claim)

We can advocate for fee-waivers for specialist consultations and emergency treatment at public hospitals.  We provide general health information in your own language. make an appointment, telephone the Health Service team at the Asylum Seekers Centre on (02) 9078 1900, or send us an email.

If you have difficulties speaking or understanding English, call 131 450 and ask for an interpreter who speaks your language. Ask the interpreter to telephone us on (02) 9078 1900. This is a free service funded and supported by Sydney Local Health District (NSW Government).

“Our Education Service provides free English and computer classes in a small, welcoming setting.

Whatever your level of English (or non-English), we offer regular and frequent classes to help you adapt to a new country and language.

Currently, we offer at least two English classes daily and have added customized language sessions and individual tutoring on a case by case basis. Our English teachers are professionally trained and experienced volunteer ESL teachers.

You are welcome to join on any day of the week and to come as often as you like.

Beginners Class: 10:30 am – 12:00 pm, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Intermediate Class: 10:30 am – 12:00 pm, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

A trained speech therapist can be booked for a one-on-one tutorials to help with pronunciation every Monday morning between 9am and 11am.

And there’s computer tutoring.   Every weekday afternoon between 1pm and 3pm, tutors are available to work with you and address your personal needs including; setting up email accounts, learning to navigate the internet, formatting resumes and setting up your phone with useful apps/programmes.

You are welcome to join in on any day and will receive assistance on a first-come, first-serve basis.”

NO Aussies, but!