ABC Media in the deviant gutter under ‘Troughwoman’ Chinese Michelle Guthrie

ABC look out, Guthrie about.

On May 9, 2017, Australia’s $1 billion annually taxpayer-funded national media broadcaster, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) aired what can only be described as perverted deviant filth on its Radio National radio programme ‘Earshot‘.

Being Australia’s monolithic national broadcaster, the filth went national and remains podcast on the Internet as deviant propaganda.

The audio programme was entitled ‘Searching for Troughman‘. It can only be described as gross deviant porn.

Now this shites all over the Alvin Purple and Number 96 of the era.  It’s about some 1980s deranged faggot who while obviously high on drugs became notorious for frequenting men’s urinals in homosexual bars and hotels in Sydney’s dodgy Darlinghurst night precinct and who resorted to laying in urinals while homosexual men pissed all over him.

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Yes, you heard it on the ABC!

ABC Earshot’s Kirsti Melville broadcast:

“If Sydney ever had a superhero maybe it was Troughman. The legend goes that this character would lie down in the male urinals at dance parties in the 1980s and enjoy a long golden shower.

Sydney’s gay party scene at the time saw an explosion of creative music, fashion and sexual activity. At events like The Mardi Gras, Sleaze Ball and the RAT parties rules didn’t apply, DJ Tim Ritchie said “it felt positively unsafe, in a good way”.

Decades later producer Greg Appel goes deep into Sydney’s gay history in search of Troughman. Was he still alive? Why did he want to lie in the trough?”

Who gives a toss?  Content for the ABC lacking?   Aunty is in palliative care.

Numerous decent listeners to commercial radio stations rang in to complain about the content and to express their disgust about how vile the national broadcaster has descended in immorality, like its ethnic cousin SBS.

ABC’s Earshot is hosted by Israeli Kirsti Melville, a radicalised activist for Third World migrants, hell bent on trumpeting minority human rights propaganda, who so studied broadcast journalism at Charles Sturt University, before being welcomed with open arms by the leftist-leaning ABC.

Of course Kirstie got the plumb ABC gig.  Although she’s white, she’s Jewish, leftist and with a CV replete with radical minority activism.

We can expect to have her do a series on one of the holocausts – not the Armenian one, or the Russian one, or the Chinese one.

Kirsti Melville (left)

Of course, the ABC is not just regarded as a notorious propaganda mouthpiece for the leftist side of politics in Australia, increasingly of late it has broadcast deviant material turning off many decent Traditional and Ordinary Australians.

Enter Troughwoman Michelle Guthrie

Since extreme socialist CEO Mark Scott and just as left Chairman James Spigelman departed the ABC Board for cushy overpaid government jobs, Chinese immigrant Michelle Guthrie has imposed a new dogma of diversity.  And the ABC Board wonders why there is a steady decline in ABC TV audiences?

The prejudiced foreign Chingport was appointed for her minority attributes – her hate of White Australians.  Michelle Guthrie’s anti-White Australian sackings at the ABC are in the hundreds, after the incompetent bitch hired consultant Jimmy Rudder to do the management cleansing, because she hasn’t a clue about journalism.

Michelle Guthrie’s anti-White Australian creative sackings are already in the many hundreds since she parachuted into Ultimo in May 2016.  She’s just a hateful foreigner with a chip on her yellow shoulder.  The bitch has slashed and burned through middle and upper management levels of the ABC as she targets skin colour and Aussie culture to force the broadcaster to be more representative of Canberra’s mass immigration imposed ethnic diversity.

Michelle Guthrie calls it  “flattened management” – it’s an Asian thing.  Consider what she did to people at Google and News Corporation!  She’s a Chinese Jonathan Shier handing out yellow envelopes around the 13th and 14th floors at Ultimo.

If you think the ‘freeing up” of $50 million will make the ABC look like a copy of SBS, you’re dead right.  Already the news has fewer White Australians and particularly fewer White Australian men.  If you’re a foreign muslim or faggot of colour, forget merit, you’re in like Flynn!

ABC’s token diversity and inclusion hateful Yassmin Abdel-Magied and her ANZAC slur: “Lest we forget (Manus, Nauru, Syria, Palestine).” she posed on Facebook on April 25, 2017.

Hey but if you’re white, Guthrie’s watching you!  One slip up..

Natasha Exelby sacked by Guthrie


Guthrie’s Vague Threat Speech to Aunty March 7

Michele Guthrie addressed ABC staff Tuesday March 7, 2017 warning of another grand “restructure” meaning staff cuts.  Two hundred are to fnd themselves on the street by June – including management, production and support roles. Landmark journalism programmes ‘7.30‘ and ‘Foreign Correspondent‘ are goneski and ‘4 Corners‘ is being evaluated.  There goes the last bastion of investigative journalism in Australia. The ABC is being Murdocked and Sky’d.


“We have significant audience gaps: socially, culturally and geographically. This means we’re falling short of properly and effectively representing – in our employees, content and audience impact – the modern Australia in which we live.”

“Content creation” and “interlocking initiatives” are the buzz mantras for 2017 ABC staff if they don’t know what it means, but Guthrie was coy about her exact plans for new-found $50 million windfall from the spoils.  She doesn’t know; she’s waiting for Jimmy Rudder to tell her.

Smells like simplistic dumbing down by an axe wielding ignoramus with a personal agenda to chase “reach” like Channel 10 and SBS

More digital storytelling like ‘Searching for Troughman‘  and Yassmin’s ‘Australia Wide‘?   “Stories from the people and places that make up the Australian experience; from the city streets to the urban centers and beyond, reporters look behind the stories that make the news.”

No, just multiculti shite telling Australians we need to compulsorily embrace Third World diversity in our backyards whether we like it or not?

Relevancy to Ordinary Australians?

Michelle Guthrie has already swing her Manchurian sword on the online opinion arm The Drum, because it receives copious criticism from Ordinary Australians – aka the taxpayers.

The 5 year Guthrie Plan will be the ABCs killing fields of Australian Traditional culture.  If ABC staff think their a sheltered workshop compared with Fairfax carnage, Mark Scott’s 400 redundancies ain’t nothing under this Chinglish bitch.

Michelle Guthrie happily collects a million dollar Aussie taxpayer salary, while her new restructured programming is ethnic, deviant and anti-Australian diverse.  She’s started bringing in her own blood to replace.  SBS and the ABC will become indistinguishable.