Yet another asylum seeker convicted of rape, attempted rape, murder, fraud, jihad…

Refugee advocates want Third World scum to mix in the Australian community.  They call them community-based asylum seekers. We don’t know their background.  They could be rapists, murderers or jihadists.  Many are.

Then when the barbarians commit heinous crimes, the advocates go all silent.

We are boat peopleWe are boat people.  We come to get good life, to rape your women, to build mosques, jihad your police, to terrorize your cities.

Last week, another Pakistani asylum-seeker was jailed for preying on an attacking Australian women in inner Sydney.  Musarat Hussain (27) an Islamic predator, used his car to trap women and try have sex with them in October and November last year in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

Treating Refugees as the problem because they areTreating refugees as the problem because they bloody are!


A taxi driver from Pakistan, Hussain, was one of thousands of Turd World boat arrivals who paid people smugglers so he could get the good life in Australia…and our good women obviously.  He’s got form with incest, having married his cousin who remains in Pakistan.
Boat ArrivalsBangladesh that way.

Refugee advocates let him loose on Sydney society.  Then he repeatedly tried to abduct women so he could rape them.  He tricked an oncology nurse on her way to work to get into his car and trying to drag another woman into his car as she screamed “help me, help me”.

The two attacks were carried out within nine days of each other in October and November last year.

The first woman was on her way to work as a nurse at Prince of Wales Hospital in Randwick in the early evening when Hussain pulled up beside her in his Honda Accord sedan near Eastgardens shopping centre, pretending to be confused and asked for directions.  She got into his car after he pleaded with her: “Please please I don’t know the way.”   He then asked her for sex, saying: “Give me five minutes and I will give you $200.”  The nurse tried a number of times to get out of the car and finally escaped when people in a unit block heard her screams.

Hussain tried to abduct his second victim as she waited in the street for a friend.  As he put the passenger seat down flat, a taxi drove past and the passengers stopped, called triple-O and helped the hysterical woman.

Female Abduction

Sentencing Judge Paul Conlon of Sydney’s District Court said, “It demonstrates that this offender was a predator who used his vehicle to prowl the streets for his victims.  Hussain was honing his abduction “modus operandi” and would probably have continued if he had not been caught” police in November 2014.

Boat arrival Musarat Hussain had been handed a bridging visa, left to roam in the community and was scamming $500 a fortnight from Centrelink.  His visa ran out in August 2014.  Victoria’s Police ‘Operation Fortitude’ was all about nabbed all these welfare seeking overstayers.

Asylum Seeker IntegrationWe share homeless housing, CentreLink, Medicare and as if that’s not enough, they expect to rape Aussie women too!


So Hussain pleads guilty to two counts of attempted abduction and two counts of assault causing actual bodily harm.  Poor Hussain cried hysterically, “Please take me out from here. I want to die. I want to go back to my country.”

His treacherous defence lawyer had tried to spin the line that his sex perversion was to help him “cope emotionally” with being alone in Australia. His defence psychologist fabricated the lie that Hussain was “a fragile and unsophisticated person who continued to struggle with trauma and abuse he had suffered at home in Pakistan.”


Judge Paul Conlon told the lawyer to pull the other one, and sentencing Hussain to a minimum of four years gaol (maximum of eight) and mandatory deportation back to whence he came at the end of his incarceration.  A bit of castration wouldn’t go astray either.

Bloody Waki Pakis.  Keep the scum out!

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