ABC Lefty Bias Triple J’s boy-voice John Safran tries on a James Branson at Tempe

The ABC’s national youth radio network is singularly communist.

ABC Radio Triple J host John Safran looks like a ‘Sickly Neurotic Geek’, yet he’s frequently slandering anyone and everyone unethically ‘whatever-it-takes’ desperately to titillate his ‘youth audience’.  Safran exists to justify holding on to his dodgy day job at ‘Your Commo ABC’.

Media ethics?

Safran is another welfare-entitlement leech like James Branson, in the ABC’s Ultimo lefty-nest. Safran is a product of the communist uni dogma pervading inner west Sydney’s insular culture.

Spicy John Crocus Safran relishes himself as some anarcho-pest, bludging on a comfy government $200,000 salary.  Secretly, he was a wannabe Chaser satire team member, but denied audition because of his neurotics and Woody Allen extra-curricular urges.

James Branson & John SafranBaldy and Furrowed. 

Dystopian ABC bias prevails in James Branson and John Safran – quintessential Orwellian piglets

James is too old to pretend to be a hipster wearing a baseball cap.  His Miller shirt over T dates him to the lazy Y-Gen.

Yesterday, Spicy Safran was perving around Tempe on some extracurricular clandestine video/audio adventures. He was armed to the teeth with ABC undercover recording equipment just like PETA hiding in a Kosher abattoir in North Bondi.

John Safran looks like a real male, but his voice is more Artful Dodger. Watch your pockets!

On the weekend ten year anniversary of the Cronulla Leb Riots of 2005, ABC Managing Director Mark Scott secretly ordered Safran to try to frame Australia First Party somehow like James Branson did with UPF Sherman Burgess inside his home.

Sneaky Safran tried passing himself of as “another John” to get an interview from Jim Saleam, on the day of the Cronulla anniversary protests. He’s put on a bit of weight from the ABC’s Christmas function.  Well, rather dodgy, less artful.