Yarra leftist Council divisive hate for Australia Day, invoking severance of State and Federal funding

In inner Melbourne last night, leftie Yarra Council passed a smelly motion by extremist Councillor Stephen Jolly to reject Australia Day and to sever cultural ties with Australia.

Jolly, aka the ‘Red Wart’ – a disaffected commo and wannabe revulooshunry, conned 88 plastered Aborigines to sign his petition to reject Australia Day and Australia.   “Wot eva ya say white fella, pass us anuvva wun!”

The Jolly Wart dreams of ‘revulooshun’ in his Clifton Hill lunch box.

Da much maligned Trotsky Republic of Yarra moved to rename Australia Day, move Australia Day from January 26, dump its citizenship ceremony and secede from Australia altogether…out of respect for 88 conned Aborigines on Australian federal welfare.

Yarra councillor Stephen Jolly has Irish IRA bloodline, so contrives this to his sectarian hate for Australia’s British heritage.

We suggest he must still be a card-carrying IRA supporter, dreaming of bringing the Troubles out to Melbourne’s traditional working class Richmond – a heritage Australian suburb he was complicit in renaming ‘Yarra’.  It was part of the gentrification and homofication of this once proud working class and part industrial suburb. Most of the Irish Catholics have sadly been replaced with yuppies, Vietnamese and faggots.

Well, the Red Jolly Wart as councillor is working on busy wasting ratepayers’ funds commissioning globalist murals in Richmond’s alley ways without residents’ permission.


Jolly’s quite crass really for a Sponger, compared with the quality artwork across British Belfast.  He’s dream’n.

Is that why you had to leave Stephen?


If Yarra (Richmond) Council thinks it can try on a Hutt River type succession from Australia, so be it.  Let Canberra and Spring Street sever all funding to the welfarist bludgers.  See how long they’d last fishing the Yarra.

Da Red Wart has been on the jolly public teat all his weaning life, thinks he’s more important than last week’s self-appointed mayor of Martin Place squat.

Da Yarra collective needs to pull its head it, get out of national and international politics and get back to their day job – collecting rates, rubbish and fixing roads, if they think they’re up to it.

Else call in administrators with a good Gerni.

Australia Day 26th January, else no welfare.