Gladys Berejiklian-Maguire (sic), the NSW Premier is out of control. She’s a renegade, a maverick. Feeling left out of the State-led dictatorships of Anastacia Palasczczuk and ‘Dictator’ Dan Andrews she’s backpedalled on her guarantee that NSW would not experience another lockdown. So much for her liberal lockdown policy.

This is a woman in the tight grip of fear. And she wants that fear to spread to every man, woman and child. Be afraid, be very afraid. But not of COVID-19 and the so-called ‘Delta variant’, but of Gyno Gladys. Because NSW is a gynocracy and Gladys calls the shots. Those not showing fear will be fined and or rough-handled by maskless officers of the NSW Police. But there’s more to it than any of the spin about ‘preventing the spread.’

Perhaps it was breaking up with Daryl, the one true love of her life. Sure, Dazza is a grifter and a traitor and parasite, but he was prepared to sleep with that walking nose to get what he wanted. And a woman has her needs. If only folks had turned a blind eye, she might not now need to take revenge for forcing her to split from the love of her life. After all, it’s not easy finding a man when your head was modelled by H.R. Geiger.

Sydney is back peering out from behind curtains as this mad Armenian orders businesses closed, Greater Sydneysiders to remain indoors, and mandatory facemasks to be worn. Her media briefings are grim in tone and alarmist in design. NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard, who lives up to his name, is all aboard the Panic Express. In the name of public safety, his number one priority is to evade questions from journalists, who, by the same token, are under orders to promote fear.

So far, since the erroneously described pandemic struck our shores a year and a half ago, the statistics are grim. But only grim from the perspective of one who’s seriously trying to capitalise on them.

The national death toll from C-19 is 910. The number of cases reported nationwide is 30,905. Of that, 54 deaths have occurred in NSW, along with 6,109 infected. All up. That’s out of a national population of 25.36 million and 8.166 million in NSW.

Meanwhile, 297 people died on NSW roads in 2020. That’s five times more than died from the C-19. 1,106 died on roads Australia-wide in 2020 compared to 910 of the virus in a year and a half. Put simply, you have more chance of dying on the road than of dying from the virus. And what of this Delta variant that is supposedly much more deadly? The truth is that’s all poppycock. The Delta variant is more contagious but much milder than other strains. In essence, it’s like catching bad flu.

Businesses are closing, unemployment growing as a result and, ironically, not for lack of potential work out there, but because this Premier wants to exercise power through fear. She held off longer than the others but in the end, she too succumbed. It was too hard to resist. Democracy is dead and why bother pretending anymore? Gladys wants to be aboard the dictator express as the Great Reset is launched.

And so much for all that. We can see that the easiest solution all-around would be to release Sydney and lock up Gladys instead. Even her MPs are in revolt! She has it coming. How much did she know about Maguire’s dirty dealings? What role did she play? How come there’s no ICAC inquiry? But that aside, her mishandling of this fake pandemic demands she and her nose be put under total quarantine 24/7. And she will have to wear a facemask, not because she’s in danger of catching the China Flu, but because we don’t want to look at her ugly face.