When they let a Narcissistic Bogan become Prime Minister

All that Bogan Gillard has in her campaign is taxpayer splurge, self-propaganda, opposition slur, fly-blown lies, inflaming and dividing and distraction from truth. Nice.

Gillard is so desperate to hang on to power that any slur conjured up by imported sleaze agent John McTernan and Gillard’s taxpayer-funded 60 media advisers, Gillard will endorse.

So should her opponent Tony Abbott happen to wear a blue tie?  Attack all men with blue ties as misogynist.  Labor divide and conquer core attack strategy all over.

Consistent with her narcissism trait, Gillard surrounds herself with placating feminists and subservient men.  Look at Gillard’s infatuation with Emily’s List dominating political leadership, also overruling Cabinet.

The Gillard Scorned
I hate men in blue ties.  Frankly I hate men.

Meanwhile, Gillard distracts media attention from Gillard’s encouragement of Third World economic illegal leeches flooding Australia to appease her extremist Leftist sister feminist Sarah Hanson-Young.

Gillard the DarkBullshitting my way through Labor ranks I have avoided background checks, psychometric tests, I can sabotage Australia however I damn well like as PM. I turn to Shite everything I can, but still the fools still give me the benefit of the doubt. 
Even the Emily’s are hook line and sinker behind me.

Symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)?