Gillard’s Misogynistic Weapon Take II

Desperate and hated Julia Gillard could be a bloke.  The people would still hate Gillard.

But egomaniac Gillard, who stole from Rudd, is again playing the gender card to win her personal votes. Merit has nothing to do with public office under Gillard.  That is why she set up her inner feminist sanctum and secret society, Emily’s List, in which women supplant and dominate men in politics, wherever possible.

The Suffragettes would luv her, until they realised it was all about Gillard, Gillard’s power and Gillard using women to encircle that power.  It is all because this desperate limited intellect sees her opponent Tony Abbott as ready to replace her and so will she do whatever it takes to character assassinate him.

Gillard the DarkGillard the Nasty Piece of Work


And so her 457 Visa spin doctor, John McTernan, says let’s do a Misogynistic Take II.  Julia, you can’t distinguish yourself on red hair colour now that Pauline Hanson is on the loose again, so go for the gender card against Abbott.  He’s male.

So out Gillard’s Gender Campaign: ‘Women for Julia’  (borrowed perhaps from Women for Obama).

The scheme goes like this – if every woman in Australia votes for her because she is a woman, no other reason, Gillard will win, because Australia’s voters are 50% women, then with a few men signed up too, Gillard wins.  Pretty clever.

Women for GillardGillard: mixing Aussie women’s values with those of Sharia Muslim women?


But unAustralian McTernan fails to realise that many Australians, Aussie women included, will see through Gillard’s nasty gender card and regard her as a self-centred whingeing sheila.

Even desperate Gillard threat that under Abbott, women will be banished from political life like under Muslim Sharia, is see through egoist.

Gillard doesn’t care about dividing Australians by gender or by social status.

whatever it takes

As for Labor under Rudd, former Labor leader Mark Latham has described Rudd as a “once in a century egomaniac”.  “I’d kidnap Kevin Rudd, put him on a boat and send him to Albania, and put a sign on the box ‘do not return until the 15th of September’.”

Seems the Foreign Labor Party is dominated more by ego than gender – oh, and by foreign interests.