When a PM has no balls

Two Australian nationals have been languishing in the United Arab Emirates jails for more than four years.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has ignored their plight – a stark contrast to contemporary world leaders committed to rescuing their citizens abroad.  Cite Dr. Dilip Joseph (USA citizen), Helen Johnston (UK citizen), Christopher McManus (UK citizen), Denis Allex (French citizen), Stephen McFaul (Irish citizen).

Four years ago Australians Matthew Joyce and Marcus Lee were working legitimately in Dubai and then suddenly the local goons whipped them away without explanation and dumped them into jail in solitary confinement.

Visit the Arab world what do you expect?  United Arab Emirates Prime Minister Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is judge, jury and executioner.

.Arabs need to respect AustraliansArabs who don’t respect Australians, can keep their head rags in their deserts

The arrests were somehow based on allegations of bribery back in January 2009, but then this is how the Arab world works.

If Gillard had balls she would have acted in 2009.   If Gillard had balls, UAE airlines Emirates and Etihad would not be flying into Australian airspace and markets.  UAE demigod Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and his consequential lost billions would have long seen our two Australians duly repatriated.

Gillard's attitude to AustraliansA message to the UAE’s bin Rahsid…if only The Gillard had balls.