What else do you do on Australia Day?

Australia Day, January 26, is the biggest day of celebration in our country, Australia.  It is observed as a public holiday in all Australian states and territories. Australians come together as a nation, celebrating all that is good about where we live and what we’ve got.


When it comes to our national day, perhaps Australians think of two things: enjoying the long weekend and of being Australian.

It doesn’t get any better.  After all, who doubt’s Australia is the luckiest and best country?  Go overseas and learn the hard way!

It’s even better when Australia Day falls on a Monday.  Because it’s about having a decent long weekend at the end of January.  When it falls on a weekend, we still need the three days to savour the meaning!   Any PC pageantry can still do what it wants on the 26th; just as long as we get the Monday off!

australia day

How good is it to get away, or go down the beach, try some backyard cricket, catch up with friends over a barbie, or tag along to some Aussie sport fixture, or an Aussie music event or any Aussie art and culture – there’s plenty of it.

It doesn’t take much relaxation to absorb being Australian. Perhaps go along to some fun races with a difference – competing horses at Hanging Rock, or otherwise try their luck at racing yabbies, cane toads, dunnies, ferries, cockroaches, or throwing thongs or mullets.

But as for getting serious?

Cockroach Races in Bris Vegas

Australia Day Cockroach Races at Bris Vegas’s Story Bridge pub

What else do you do on Australia Day?  Well, of course, Australians do whatever they want; it’s ‘Straya Mate!‘, after all.  A general thrust of the day is one that’s fun, easy-going and lighthearted in the true Aussie laid-back spirit.  It is usually bloody hot in late January, so get the thongs out, the esky out, cook some Aussie lamb on the barbie, crack open an Aussie coldie and even munch on a home-cooked fresh Lamington.

Australia Day Laid Back

Australia Day is a time for Australians to celebrate being Australian, our quintessential Australianness, our unique ways stemming from how our ancestors improved and valued country, to celebrate our free and open way of life, of how lucky we are to live in this beautiful sunburnt country, able to share her far horizons and jewel sea.

Australia Day is a special day for us Aussies to recognise and accept our origins and path since 1788.  It is a day for positive reflection on our history, accepting that we can’t change history; just improve on it.. (but that’s for another NAIDOC observance day).

First Fleet 1788


For genuine Aussies it’s a time to remind ourselves that we shouldn’t take for granted what we’ve got.

For those Aussies who go overseas, few ever leave for good, or else they always wished they’d stayed. It is our national day for us to proudly identify with our nation, our legends. Many of us have mixed backgrounds, but who cares, we are united as Australians.

Australia Day BBQTo those new Australians achieving Australian Citizenship,

Welcome to Team Australia. Australia Day Smiley Face

So raise the Australian Flag, charge a glass and toast to all that is Australia.

Have a good one, Australians!