Werribee at risk from $30B Chinese student invasion. Is it rooted in corruption?

In Melbourne’s Werribee, Wyndham traitor Mayor Adele Hegedich has proclaimed Chinese Imperialism to be her new economic and political master.

A Chinese scheme to build a $30 billion dollar fancy ‘Educity‘ at Werribee in outer Western Melbourne – a true Chinese Special Economic Zone (SEZ) – presents an attack upon all Victorian people, our livelihoods, our culture and on our Australian identity.

This so called Educity has been facilitated by traitor Mayor Hegedich, Daniel Andrews (Premier)  Councillor Maynard (ex Mayor), and others – like CEO Grigsby. This project will necessarily attract some 80,000 Chinese Students. Certain “investors” and their families, all imported directly from Mao’s Motherland will see the project through.

Chinese Migration

They will come either as investors under the mad million dollar investment-for-visas-and-residency scam; or as visa workers in the “services” industry. All are economic migrants. Naturally they will all stay.

Mayor Hegedich’s hyped up public sell (sic) is just a marketing spin to lure local Werribee trades and businesses into the loop and appease local suspicions by floating out the old jobs and prosperity lies.  Wrong!  Local suspicions are well founded. Indeed, the profits will go to those really in the know – like Mayor Hegedich who understands as a conveyancing lawyer specialising in commercial development that there are dollars to be made by the chosen few.

Wyndham Mayor Adele Hegedich


Understand that what is on the drawing board is a migrant compound transit lounge and a Chinese Special Economic Zone. As with such Chinese developments overseas, the reality is set for a pivotal Chinese immigration beach head –  with mass high rise accommodation (not for locals), migration agents, developers, infrastructure set in place to serve the foreigners. Avalon airport will get the upgrade. New rail networks a real China Railway, will be constructed. Retail development will boom with container loads of Chinese junk, Shanghai for Chinese nationals.

Is Wyndham Council and its associated auxiliary groups attempting to socially engineer Werribee? As Council’s Cultural Diversity Portfolio Holder, Crouncillor Gautam Gupta has been actively involved in helping developing its new multicultural policy and action plan – Diverse People, One Community, Our Future. How diverse tens of thousands of Chinese and other foreign students makes the city is clear to contemplate.


Diversity has been the forerunner of colonisation

Rudd's Mandarin Century
Premier Daniel Andrews has turned a blind eye to all this Chinese money and the inevitable corruption of public officials. How could he police it? At a time when economists report that much of Chinese investment is black money and special state funds that target people and places, the Premier is all ready to be the whore. He has an advisory board, which includes people who profit from Chinese investment to tell him how good it is.

  • Are we witnessing a colony being planted in Werribee?
  • Is there a Chinese imperialist scheme to develop a veritable Chinese Special Economic Zone in Werribee?
  • Almost the question the miners at Lambing Flat asked over 150 years ago?

As ever, the Chinese intrusion is being proposed by local business and groups like the shady Committee For Wyndham – a not for profit organisation (aka a tax free front group) for assisting in the facilitation of this population replacement. A curiosity on the Committee For Wyndham’s website was noted; they promote Bill Zheng’s white-faces-for-hire front company Investors Direct, the questionable proponent behind this Educity Project.

Australian Education City

Are all these things interconnected? Of course. No end of traitors can be found to endorse it all. They all bond with each other.

Mayor Hegedich epitomises the mindset of the collaborator (specialising in commercial development and conveyancing law). Seeing past the money is impossible for her and she is prepared to say and do anything to get this project going on the ground. The Mayor is all over Wyndham promoting the plan.


One of the more evil stratagems employed by traitor Mayor Hegedich, this ‘running dog of Chinese imperialism’, if we can use a phrase of the Chinese themselves from long ago, is to de-legitimise the Australian identity, culture and way of life as a prelude to the arrival of a mass of Chinese (and customers for her law practice?).

This is the standard model of Imperialism – Chinese Imperialism.  The invaders have the rights and the locals are somehow not in proper possession of their own country.

Chinese ponytail

Forgetting Eureka, the ANZAC tradition, the Kokoda experience and ignoring our great achievements in cultural life and our previous proud assertion of Nationhood, has traitor Mayor Hegedich asked the local Aborigines as well if they want this?

Sadly, we know that many Chinese regard Aborigines as talking animals or monkeys. It is not likely that the Aborigines would or could benefit a single dollar from the intrusion of these celestial invaders from the distant Motherland. Yet the Mayor is known to go through those contrived ceremonies about standing on the traditional lands of local Aborigines!

Perhaps as a result of our public criticism a few bribes might be offered?  But Aborigines aren’t that foolish as to not see it for what it is. Traitor Mayor Hegedich will go down in history damned as a living embodiment of treason.


The attack upon Australia is broad:

  • Chinese universities
  • Chinese train stations
  • Chinese airports
  • Chinese ports
  • Chinese high-rise appartments
  • Chinese casinos
  • Chinese Triad gangs
  • Laundered Yuan churned through Melbourne real estate agents
  • Confucius schools serving Communist Party propaganda

We expect that the foreign-luv’n Frankenstein Daniel Andrews and his globalist zombies will sign up, given that the ‘Educity‘ expresses the very best of globalism.

Frankenstein Premier Daniel Andrews

Of course, there is far more not being said and which must be kept in the dark. The Chinese State will be replete with the mechanisms of control over the SEZ precinct. Chinese government agents will operate both inside that imported community and against the wider community (ask any Falun Gong or Tibetan). Australians within the city precinct will be effectively subject in fact, if not in public theory – to Chinese law and state discipline.

No volume of sweeteners from a traitor mayor or a collaborator government will change the reality of things. Check out how the Chinese operate in Africa and elsewhere.

The logic of the little traitors like Mayor Hegedich is just drum beating for the big boys (who are they?) Who’s set to scoop up the millions and retire on the spoils of a sold out Werribee?

Such little traitors are (in ordinary warfare) those who should be dealt with first.   All patriotic people should shun such persons completely refuse to trade with them, communicate with them or even acknowledge them in the street.  The little traitors are the necessary prop for the money men.

Treason doth never prosper. What’s the reason?  Because if treason prospers, none dare call it treason.  Those who criticise them are attacked mercilessly in the mass media and denied business opportunities and social acceptance. Cowardly silence helps those who take the treasonous road. Few can take the heat and they buckle under. It takes courage to resist. We have no doubt that there are people who will resist.

Our investigations into Wyndham Council and its councillors, Investors Direct Financial Group, Victoria University and their auxiliaries are ongoing.  So much to come from our investigator-reporting team!

Alien invasion

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