Victor Waterson for Manly Bi-Election

Former AFP candidate for the seat of McMahon in Sydney Vic Waterson is one of 12 candidates contesting the Manly by-election. He gets a mention in the Manly Daily and Sydney’s Daily Telegraph online.

The seat belonged to former NSW premier and Judas goat Mike Baird, who quit politics in January for a cushy job with the National Australia Bank after ruining Sydney’s economy and filling the state with potential terrorists from the Middle East and beyond. He was replaced by Gladys Berejiklian.

Vic will be opposing immigration, and especially that which will put ordinary Australians at risk of attack by adherents of un-belonging religious doctrines such as conducted the Westminster Attack, but he will also campaign on local issues such as the sale of the Warringah Golf Course.

The Manly Daily writes:

“Victor Waterson, who most recently ran as an Australia First Party candidate for Penrith in the 2015 State Election, has entered the fray as an independent.

The (nationalist) political party has strong views toward the reduction of immigration. Its website says that it would ban face coverings including burqas and niqabs.

Mr Waterson campaigned heavily against the building of a mosque in the area as well as “unsustainable immigration”.

Mr Waterson was part of a three-person group called “Faceless” which attempted to storm Parliament House in Canberra wearing face coverings.

One wore a Ku Klux Klan mask, and the others wore a niqab and motorcycle helmet.

The trio said they did so to protest wearing burqas in Australia.”

How deplorable!

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