Trolls like Luke McMahon drive Hywood to discard Fairfax rag mastheads to TPG vultures in San Francisco

Fairfax leftist value is explicit in the TPG Capital’s takeover offer for Domain so it can asset fire-sale the trolling mastheads SMH/Age/AFR quick smart, and bugger Stan.  San Francisco headquartered TPG Capital is all about leveraged buyout – fancy pawnbroking of desperate businesses.

Read why…courtesy by our Nathan Sykes..

“I have already addressed the untruths printed about me in a fake-news article by shadowy Fairfax ring-in anarcho-troll, Luke McMahon. Having been labelled one of Australia’s worst trolls — even though I have not had any complaints of trolling levelled my way — I can go on to reveal the troll is in fact – McMahon himself.

McMahon has, for nearly two years, been stalking me around social media. He has created YouTube channels, fake Facebook accounts, and even been active on Twitter. He also created a Daily Stormer profile under the name ‘That Aussie Guy’ on which he shared a defamatory page about me from the extremist Antifascist Action Sydney blog (which we suspect he has a hand in maintaining). It has shown all evidence of being a deranged obsession.

But the level of McMahon’s stalking is now in the criminal realm and it is a matter of whether or not to make an official police complaint against the Fairfax employee: a development that would surely require comment from his supporting editors at the odious organisation! We shall see.

Luke McMahon. If anyone in Melbourne knows this guy, please contact either Australia First Party or UNA. He is wanted for making serious threats among his other crimes

I blocked McMahon from my Facebook a long time ago, but he turned up again prior to and after the publication of the fake news article. The trouble is, he was stalking the account of a party colleague, who he was convinced – was me.

His baiting came from two accounts, of which forensic testing of his computers will reveal both belong to McMahon. In one, he posted as Luke McMahon. In the other, he adopted the vile persona of Mark Watford. He revealed them to be one and the same by cross-sharing information on both accounts, and dually targeting the wrong chap. Also, he made no effort to conceal the pathology of his own typing habits so you can plainly see they were sent by the same person: of this, there is no doubt whatsoever.

Maybe McMahon wants to get caught, who can say?

McMahon’s Watford account is a straight case of using a carriage to harass and intimidate. In the screen grabs supplied to the Australia First Party, this very sick man, who is supposedly anti-racist, made heavy use of anti-Semitic slurs and outright threats of violence. He did this as part of his campaign to convince nationalists that I am Jewish. His theory appears to be that if he goads long enough I’ll somehow snap. It is ‘gaslighting’.

I blocked McMahon from my Facebook a long time ago, but he turned up again prior to and after the publication of the fake news article. The trouble is, he was stalking the account of a party colleague, who he was convinced – was me.

Soon after publication of the defamatory fake-news article by Fairfax, a video I made a while ago, and which I explained in the previous instalment of this story, appeared on a YouTube channel called ‘Aussie Lads’ I NOTE THIS is a very similar moniker to his Daily Stormer account, ‘That Aussie Guy’.


I Complained to YouTube

McMahon or ‘McMasters’ uses Fairfax’s address to conduct his trolling

In the process of issuing my complaint, McMahon’s details were supplied to me with a mobile phone number and an address which turns out to be Fairfax offices in Melbourne. Also, his name is given as ‘Luke McMasters’. Now, this is significant, because this YouTube channel exists to troll patriots. It is trolling. Moreover, it is happening directly in the name of Fairfax Media. McMahon has used his credentials to try and appropriate my copyright on my own video as a means of ‘trolling’ me.

But that is not the most disturbing part: growing increasingly frustrated at his lack of response from the account holder on Facebook he was convinced was me, McMahon posted evidence that he has been stalking what he believes to be my home address.

On the Watford account, along with a lot of sick threats and deranged dribble about “following” me home, he posted a pic of what he purports is where I live. At the same time, on the tranche of harassing private messages in the name of Luke McMahon, he provides that same address, making careful allusions to physical threats to be carried out. He even makes screen grabs of his Daily Stormer posts in those messages. So now one must question the sanity of the fellow.

Regardless or not of any hereditary mental illness he may be suffering, McMahon is a Fairfax Media employee, whose defamations were allowed to be published without question by a supposed institution of hard news.

But that is not the most disturbing part: growing increasingly frustrated at his lack of response from the account holder on Facebook he was convinced was me, McMahon posted evidence that he has been stalking what he believes to be my home address.

Yet, he also makes reference to “Andy Hutchings” (PROBABLE EARLIER IDENTITY OF SLACKBASTARD BUT A PLAYER IN THE NETWORK)) having information on me, suggesting that the CURRENT Slackbastard operator (real name Professor Rob Sparrow of Monash University), is perhaps paying for a private investigator.

The pics of what he believes are my address, and which will have to become subject to a police report, were either taken by a private investigator or one of the networks of anarchists working in the area. ‘Yusef’ of the Australian Communist Workers Party made threats of violence against me and Jim Saleam after the publication of the fake news. His connection to the duo and their threats of violence is yet to be determined.

So, it is no surprise that this campaign of harassment is being waged by both Slackbastard and McMahon who are known to be close associates.

So who IS McMahon? A search of the electoral role pinpointed him clearly as the Luke McMahon whose details are “suppressed”.

However, his Linked account gives a nice little biographical background which we shall use to track him down.

So, it is no surprise that this campaign of harassment is being waged by both Slackbastard and McMahon who are known to be close associates.
According to his profile, the one who calls me a “bin scab” lists his major talents as Investigative Journalism (lol), Law (as in ‘breaking it’), and Advisory (as in reporting to Slackbastard).

He is listed as Australian coordinator — ‘founder’ of cagey Media Direct.

Thereafter, he references several positions that he has held, and which people might remember him from, such as Managing Director of ‘Job Community’, and IYSS case manager for Anglicare Australia.

Perhaps those organisations can provide a comment on this man’s behaviour, too. Finally, he was educated at the University of Melbourne, and has, if he is not just fabricating his work history, a degree in law.

Yes, in law… This is what age we are living in folks, investigative journalists that don’t investigate the stories they fake up, and lawyers whose principal occupation is breaking the very law they spent years studying.

It is of the utmost importance that readers in Melbourne or elsewhere who know anything about McMahon either contact the Australia First Party or the United Nationalists Australia. We will provide an image of him on our blog. We want to know everything: where he hangs out, who his friends are, where he parks his car, where he walks his dog (or boyfriend), where he buys his lipstick, what drugs the degenerate uses — everything.

I wish to finish by pointing out an irony. It was around two years ago when I learned that Christopher Shortis had been defamed in an article by Fairfax Media. In it, every effort was made to infer, based on a video that Chris had uploaded to YouTube that given his faith in Jesus and his fondness for collecting guns he was a potential ‘Anders Breivik’. I was studying media law at the time and recognised this right away as gross defamation. I did not know Chris then, but I passed on this word through back channels.

Who would have thought that soon after leaving court having travelled to Melbourne to support my now-colleague Christopher Shortis I would be subject to the same treatment by the same Fairfax?”

by Nathan Sykes


It gets more interesting…

“A few weeks ago (says Sykes) I was the victim of a scurrilous and defamatory fake-news article printed by Fairfax. The attack piece, scribbled by a shady hack named Luke McMahon, claimed among other things I am “Jewish”, and that I am one of Australia’s biggest trolls.

Before I reveal that the twisted “troll” is, in fact, McMahon, with a bit of help from Neil Erikson, I will respond to his lies. I do that in the knowledge that whatever I say wouldn’t move the real troll one degree so I make it only in the interest of truth.

Firstly, I am about as Jewish as Benito Mussolini. My family is of British/Irish descent and many generations Australian on the maternal side. This predictable calumny is instructive since we were able to trace its trajectory from associates of Nick Folkes, who hate my party, before it travelled to his cohort and traitor Neil Erikson, who used it to slander me, even though he doesn’t know me from a bar of soap.

I have met Nick on only two brief occasions, neither of which he would recall, and Erikson never. In fact, we know the very person who generated the “Jewish” lie. We know his motives at the time and are certain that he was, as stated above, in the slow orbit of both Nick Folkes and Howard Crawford.

Yet, on the basis of this and foolishness regarding my name, McMahon — who has some connection to these warthogs — figures it will queer my act and uses it. Why wouldn’t he? His purpose is to attack the Australia First Party. Fairfax has a history of defamatory entanglements with the AFP, starting chiefly with our president, Jim Saleam. Their last slanderous effort against an AFP candidate blew up in their communist faces so this is payback.

Moreover, there is no chorus of wailing Jews stepping out of the woodwork wagging their fingers and shouting, “Oy vey, ‘tis him! I remember him from the latke bar. I bought him a dreidel. He used to be a BEAUTIFUL Jew! Where did he go wrong? Why is he now a Nazi? Does he not know about the Holocaust? How could he betray the tribe?”

There are no former rabbis, or friends with stories from my Bar Mitzvah, for the elementary fact that it is all fallacious. Sorry, dipsticks, but you’re not getting your True Believer ending. However, if you want to shut up a nationalist who is causing your cause distress then accusing him of being a Jew is the first tactic in the book. In this case, it’s not working.

Nevertheless, this lie is not only one of those defamatory claims made by McMahon, who we believe has some collusion with Erikson, but the article is riddled with absurdities. It is claimed that as an editor at ACP I played “German marching music” at my desk. Seriously, how Fairfax’s chief sub didn’t question that howling bit of bullshit is a testament to the low calibre of their editorial.

Next, he fabricated a quote supposedly from a colleague. There was no colleague interviewed and they would never have said I was Jewish since it would have been presumptuous on their part anyway. The only people who were close to me at ACP would not speak to these duds. It is poppycock. McMahon is a deceiver.

I know that journalists often claim privilege for sources, but that one can be blown open by asking the source to come forward. There isn’t one.

McMahon got a hold of my book, Stuck Forever in the Throat of Society, which I published on Amazon, as you cannot land a book deal here unless you’re a child refugee or a Moslem with interesting things to say. Whereas I wrote a black comedy, making fun of a toxic work culture that I endured while at ACP, he is attempting to skew it as evidence of me being a potential random sniper. Another Brevik? And McMahon has used the Brevik line on my AFP colleague Chris Shortis back in November 2015.

I am more worried he is; valid fears I reveal in the next instalment. When I write about “trolling” in my first novel, it is total fiction. This is the thing about good writing, it must convince the reader. In McMahon’s case I was so convincing and he so gullible that he cannot assess it from fact. I never seriously trolled. I used to treat the old Yahoo7 message boards like a cricket pitch, but that was all I referred to. The character in the book is a comical figure created so that any hagiographical material does not take itself too seriously. I deliberately wrote him as an ineffectual curmudgeon. I would hope I am not so dispassionate as he.

Nonetheless, McMahon lifted select passages to validate his un-researched, defamatory, cobbled-together cluster of unwieldy sentences as ridgy didge journalism. What’s more, McMahon is jealous of me as a writer, and that is powerfully evident and a motivating factor in his spite, or so my mate the psychologist reckons.

One of the few actual truths in the book, my attempting to give away an Adolf Hitler doll as a prize for the magazine I was editor of, is likewise attributed a false narrative. He claims I was the subject of company reprimand, or suchlike, for the stunt. This, like everything else this sick puppy writes, is baloney. It was in fact approved by the outgoing editor-in-chief beforehand who understood the humour behind it. The entire purpose of the gag was to run a headline strap, “WIN A WAR CRIMINAL”. See, in magazines, the cover is everything. You create content with a mind to how to sell it. It was a low-rent Category One girlie magazine, so I figured it wasn’t about to upset our discerning readership.

At this time, in the company, I was not involved in politics, and this goes to the other stuff he tries using to impute an unsound mind. I am a collector of action figures. They are grouse. Some of the biggest pages on Facebook are dedicated to modellers and fanciers of scale figures. It is no more absurd than gaming. More to the point, intelligent people collect historical figures. Stupid people mock them for doing so.

I started collecting them as curios when I earned a bit of dosh and the collection grew. It had nothing to do with politics. But it does not entirely consist of “Nazis”, which do make interesting collectables. I have figures of Churchill, Montgomery, English soldiers, American soldiers, Roman soldiers, James Bond figures, Churchill and even Ariel Sharon! I also have a wonderful figure of Stalin! Does that make me a communist now?

Having raided my Facebook page for his “evidence” and relying on say-so from boofhead Neil Erikson, McMahon had only my book to go on. Oh, and he searched and discovered I am a bankrupt, the scourge of the left wing, a fact that he cheaply employs as a pejorative. Shame on this ‘anarchist’. I did not think they made status judgements like that. There were a lot of us underdogs coming out of the cowboy banker created Global Financial Crisis; we got hurt, they were rewarded. But that’s the Left for you; bourgeois as fuck.

Now, to the video…

In a video created to taunt Antifascist Action Sydney, I wear an SS officer’s cap. This, like my action figures, was purchased before I had a political awakening.

I was part of a circle of friends who decided we’d buy ‘drinking hats’. One bought a Russian bearskin hat; another procured a bowler hat, someone else acquired a pith helmet, while I purchased this SS cap because I wanted to be more outrageous. We would wear them while getting juiced. It was capital fun.

The video was a response to the clownery of Antifa, who found a UNA sticker someone glued up on a sign in Newtown. These nitwits made a big deal about posting one of their crappy stickers over the top of it, claiming they had captured a flag, so to speak, and so I went and peeled it off. For a laugh I made a video treating the sticker as a kidnap victim. I was sending up their ludicrousness. I was making fun of the “Nazi” tag.

Anyone who knows me understands well that I do not approve of pussy footers who believe slapping an iron cross on a bomber jacket and reciting facts about Hitler makes them a nationalist. I am not that kind of nationalist at all. I discourage cosplay and the sort of “club life” that believes that shouting 14/88 is a means to an end.

Finally, on the charge of being a troll, which McMahon is about to pay dearly for, I can say that I have no charges pending against me for the simple reason that I haven’t trolled anybody, unlike Luke.

The most I have done is pop onto one of their leftist pages, which exist for the very purpose of trolling patriot pages and have some sport with the semi-retarded individuals who inhabit those spaces.

In hoping to defame me as a “troll” and therefore as a ‘pest’, he implies some connection with Joshua Goldberg, who he alleges I met on Stormfront.

Goldberg is a nut — a quite surprising one — but a fruitcake nonetheless. If he wasn’t banged up in a loony bin in the US I would have been tempted to think Goldberg IS Luke McMahon.

On a final note in this first part, may I just say, this habit of Antifa’s referring to me as AFP’s “number two” is the cherry on the cake. I’m not even number 42. I am a rank-and-file member. What’s more, I have retired from public demonstrations because I don’t believe I am photogenic enough to go there.”

by Nathan Sykes