Australians-last Budget by populist Mal and his excuse accountant Scomo

Turnbull’s Coalition Team has delivered another budget for foreigners at the expense of Ordinary Australians.

  • A tax hike on working Aussies
  • Ballooning debt for future young Australians to endure – even ‘good’ debt is ‘bad’ interest Scomo-son
  • Loss of AAA rating so increasing interests rates to force mortgage defaults
  • Gonski 2.0 for Third World breeding migrants
  • NDIS 2.0 for disabled breeding migrants
  • Medicare 2.0 for anyone and everyone, guaranteed!
  • School funding taking from Saint Peter to give to Muhammad
  • Billions for migrant childcare
  • All the way with Trumpy in Korean War 2.0
  • Billions for Badgerys white elephant for 24/7 freight and mass immigration to invade Western Sydney
  • Gas prices left for foreign multinationals to hike up
  • Coal for foreigners so domestic electricity is also unaffordable
  • Migrant demand making urban housing beyond hope of young Australians
  • Older Australian’s squeezed by unaffordable living costs driven by migrant demand
  • Keating’s superannuants not knowing if they’re Arthur or Martha from one tax year to the next
  • The last few palliative Maralinga veterans riddled with radiation cancers and skin lesions (54+ years ago) to get a polly Gold Card pass
  • Billions on national security to bandaid mass Third World immigration now inside the city gates
  • Canberra polly and public servant pay rises, perks and rorts BAU – there’ll be post-Budget cocktails and canapes at The Lodge this weekend

Cassandra Goldie from ACOSS for Refugees – she’ll be there with bells on

  • Red herrings like Snowy 2.0, and a big bank slap on the wrist to deflect a royal commission into Australia’s Banking Cartel
  • Forward estimates for rail promises, only to be abandoned when Labor are back in
  • Hockey’s Budget Emergency will need triage.

Mal suffers a histrionic personality disorder. He just wants Labor to really like him, whatever the cost.

The Libs remain neo-libs blindly sold by the immigration growth jeanie.

Bring on a very black economy and take Kerry Packer’s famous advice to Canberra!

So who’s Scomo’s budget winners?

Aristocratic MPs and Senators