CFMEU corruption joined at the hip with Labor and jihadists

CFMEU officials are accused of corruption under The Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption, so why should union members fund the fines for dodgy union officials?

Why should members trust the CFMEU, when such corruption and indulgent use of member funds has been exposed?

CFMEU dues stolenThis is where CFMEU dues are squandered.

So when can we expect the CFMEU’s Sydney-to-Hobart supermaxi yacht?

They illegally order costly concrete pouring without notice or justification.

In September 2015, former CFMEU boss in Queensland Dave Hanna quit the Labor Party amid allegations in the royal commission into trade union corruption that he fraudulently benefited during the construction of his home – a 500m2 property of 4 hectares getting four king-sized bedrooms, four bathrooms, three garages and a 12-metre pool – all thanks very much to union dues and heavy handed union slush fund tactics.

It’s time to scrape the CFMEU of its rampant corruption.

Scrape Out Union Corruption

CFMEU foreign thugs are employed to do standover and extortion, considering Labor government fines and bans a “badge of honour”.

Labor Party Leader Bill Shorten:

“I’m not going to exaggerate the influence that CFMEU or any individual union has over decision making processes of the Labor party. That is why since I’ve become the national leader, we’ve removed the requirement that it would be compulsory to belong to a union to join the Labor party.”


The CFMEU is not only networked with violent anarchists, extreme Leftists, outlaw bikie gangs, criminals and Islamic jihadists, the CFMEU employs foreign scabs to execute its dirty work.

CFMEU criminals and jihadists

The CFMEU’s sergeants at arms – Michael O’Connor, Tony Maher and Dave Noonan know they own construction workplaces and can intimidate companies at will.

The CFMEU effectively controls all attempts of industrial relations policies by the Labor Party.

Meanwhile, the CFMEU scabs Pacific Islander thug debt collectors like Tuungafasi Manase works for results – collect the cash or bash!

CFMEU extortion


CFMEU Tuungafasi Manase