The ‘Visas for South Africans’ Story – What are the Libs up to?

by Dr. Jim Saleam, March 26 2018.


‘A lot of good patriotic people are all jumping with glee because the Immigration Minister Peter Dutton says he would accept South African White farmers – as refugees.

Dutton was quoted:

“The fact is that I haven’t said we should prioritise White over black, it’s an absurd proposition. I’ve said that we should look at people who are persecuted, see if they meet the criteria within our humanitarian and refugee program, and then if they do, then we shouldn’t discriminate on skin colour. If you look at what I’ve said, I’ve said we shouldn’t discriminate on any basis, that’s the program, the way in which we’ve always operated it, and we always will.”

So, if Whites are persecuted along with others, they will be accepted as refugees; because the refugee program is non-discriminatory?

With some minor European inputs in the last forty years, the policy has always been skewed to the Third World.

Liberal backbencher Andrew Hastie added:

“We’ve always had a very generous humanitarian visa program, it’s run for the last four decades, we’ve been very responsive to international crises.”  “We’ve taken Vietnamese people, Lebanese people during the civil war, Albanians, Bosnians, Serbians, Croats during the Yugoslav wars. More recently just in 2015 we took 12,000 Syrian refugees, mainly minorities, Christian and Yazidi, which I was very supportive of.”

So, this Liberal played the game over Syria and has supported a refugee intake, even when he must reasonably know that the Assad government would welcome them to stay and actually seeks their return, particularly now when the Islamists are on the road to total defeat?

What is this Liberal playacting all about?

I said yesterday that these Liberals and their ‘conservative’ hangers on do not advocate economic sanctions against South Africa for present racist threats to White people. Nor do they advocate supporting Afrikaner and other white groups to maintain their cultural heritage and identity.
Rather, these Liberals would accept as refugees a small number of the 2.8 million Afrikaners and of the 1.7 million other Whites from South Africa. If all are threatened in what may end up being a genocide, then the gesture is meaningless.

Could it be that the Liberals are lining up potential voting pools and support bases as they did with the anti-tax movement around 2010 and the Reclaim Australia (anti Islam) movement in 2014–2018 – all while addressing nothing of the underlying issues involved?

I would also add that if anyone imagines that traitors who have organized the immigration and refugee programs suddenly turn into patriots because they want a few white South Africans to enter the country, then they are conning themselves.’