Gillard’s Cult of Electoral Infidelity

Think Education, Rudd, Pokies, Mining Tax, Coal Seam Gas, Carbon Tax, Asylum Seekers, Independents, Tasmanian Forests, McClelland, Slipper, Assange, Rural Australia, Healthcare, Greens subservience.

Gillard transgressions continue to violate Australian morals – breaking promises, breaking allegiances, flirting with contra-ideologies, reneging on agreements, betraying confidence.

Labor’s electoral betrayal decending into ‘whatever it takes’ Richardsonism has hardened electoral payback ‘whatever it takes’.

PM Julia Gillard’s lead of Labor’s 46th National Conference was as self-directed as a Church of Scientology recruitment drive.

The Labor Party at its conference today asked ‘What is the Labour Party‘?

So the smell has become rancid.

The script wrote motherhood headlining machinations out of Sussex Street

  • Social justice
  • Strong community and strong values
  • Reward for hard work
  • Decency
  • Rights matched by responsibilities
  • What about ‘wholesome goodness‘?


Gillard’s Green Love Fest

The bottom line is they don’t want people to know what’s going on inside the centre, and those who’ve lived in there, like Shane, say it’s like a gulag, or a prison. Yet it’s in the middle of a suburb, which could be any suburb in Australia.

People would he horrified to know what has been going on in there for so many years, and continues to this day.

– About Gillard’s Labor Party or the Church of Scientology?

Who was it who first brought in significant innovations, including child endowment, widows’ pensions, increased workers’ compensation rates, reversion to the 44-hour week, abolition of secondary school fees, and votes for all in local government elections?

The Australian Labor Party’s nationalist leader Jack Lang, Premier of New South Wales – leading our people out of the American-caused Great Depression .

How Labor values have since gone sour and most alien to Traditional Australia!

“I am not going to pretend a faith I don’t feel. I am what I am and people will judge that.”

 “Nothing is, but what is not.”  (William Shakespeare, Macbeth. Act I, Scene 3.)

Australians need an election yesterday.