The quarter acre block ownership is an Australian birth right

Australians have our standards, none less so is the rightful hereditary dream of owning a quarter acre block residence, as simple as that may be.

Deny that dream, and one may as well deny an Australian a right to his/her country.

Worse is that many young Australians are being denied the right to own even a spade turf piece of their homeland 200mm x 200mm.  Urban highrise and rent Australia’s capital cities have become the economic dregs of Australians denied decent houses in our own country.  And it is all thanks to mass immigrant housing demand.


Australian Quarter Acre BlockEven simple living is unaffordable in Sydney and Melbourne because of mass immigrant demand encouraged by Labor and Liberal immigrant polices alike.


Immigrant housing demand making home ownership unaffordable to local Australian equates to financial invasion.  The Leftist Global Socialists expect Australians to lower their standards and to declare the Great Australian Dream of house ownership dead.

No more backyard, no more backyard BBQ, no more vegie patch, no more garage or even carport, and no more garage sales.  Such is the Asianisation of Australia.

High rise developer, the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA), has claimed that Australians “owning a home on a traditional quarter acre block is becoming a thing of the past.”

How dare they deny Australians our birth right!

But that is because greedy property developers want to squeeze more units into the quarter acre block and make more profit.  It is not rocket science, just greed.

Sydney Outer Urban Housing unAustralianBackyard-denied outer urban housing – suicide suburbs!


UDIA national president, Cameron Shephard blames  “inadequate investment in urban infrastructure, slow planning and approvals systems, and high taxes and charges are strangling the supply of land for new housing.”

Crap!  It is immigrant demand outstripping supply, but greedy Shepherd won’t the demand pull, but skews the problem to a supply shortage.

Shephard says “Unfortunately this means that for new home buyers, the good old days of tossing the footy around with the kids or having a game of backyard cricket are well and truly over.”

Shephard is a hypocrite because he owns a nice big house and land package, thank you very much.

Cameron ShephardDeveloper Traitor Class


Trends forced upon urban Australian by immigrant housing demand, fueled by spruiking property developers have seen Sydney and Brisbane average lot sizes dropped 16% and 12% respectively over the decade.

Sydney Highrise unAustralian

The Asianisation of Sydney is for the Asian Property Market for the Asian Century.
Aussies are being relegated to a growing homeless underclass in their own town to make way for wealthy foreigners.

What is the definition of invasion ?