Terror Attacks redefined and excused by leftard governments as ‘mental health episodes’

We suggest to Australians that upon sight of ethnics rampaging in ‘mental health episodes’ to take out the scum then plead some ‘mental health episode’.  It’s called payment in kind. This may go some way to restoring the statistical accuracy of terror attacks in Australia.

Globalist Lib-Gnat-Lab-Greens politics is so anti-Australian, that if Australian nationalists were to decide to feign one of dem ‘mental health episodes’ against the invader class, bloody biased Canberra would deploy 1 RAR to Tempe.

But almost weekly now, terror attacks in Australia are being played down by leftard governments as ‘mental health episodes’.

Wonder why?

Recent examples:

  • January 20, 2017 car jihad into Melbourne’s Bourke Street Mall pedestrians by kurdish refugee Dimitrious Gargasoulas – an islamic terror attack!
  • December 21 2017 car jihad into pedestrians outside Melbourne’s iconic Flinders Street Station by afghan Refugee Saeed Noori – an islamic terror attack!

Terror attacks used to be called random spree killings, like Port Arthur, but the effect causes public terror all the same, so they’re terror attacks and the penalty needs to be Term-Of-Hateful-Life and to be served out in Gitmo.

Case in point: 

January 13 2018:  Ching charged over ‘random terror stabbing’ in Hurstville
(Ed: Hurstville is notorious chinese invasion ghetto suburb in southern Sydney – Most White Aussies long gone)

Sydney detectives believe a middle-aged man reading his bible by himself in a park in broad daylight around 6pm last Saturday was stabbed to death in his torso outside a Sydney train station by a 29-year-old ching in a “random” weekend multiple stabbing attack.

Brian Lee (29) (not his real name), a Hong Kong import has been charged with murder after the victim, 56-year-old Klaus Petr, was found by Tai Chi cultist near Hurstville train station last Saturday morning.

So far, NSW Police and media in PC multiculti collusion, have not released images of da killer ching, so we posit our own:

Ok, so we’ve applied poetic license to Brian’s gender, but this is the era of gender fluidity so GAF

Police say victim suffered “severe lacerations” in random unprovoked frenzied attack, but not ‘terror’ attack – as did not meet all 30 new conditions.  Police seized the long kitchen knife when arresting Lee nearby, less than 30 minutes way.



Lee (pronounced ‘Ree’) lives on Patrick Street just north of the train station.

A NSW Police Force spokesman said detectives do not believe Lee knew the victim. “It appears to be random,” the spokesman said.

Victim Klaus Petr had mail-ordered into chinese, so may have something to do with randomness – him only White left in now Hurstville chinese ghetto.

Lee was charged with murder on Sunday.  Probry get off on excuse ‘mental health episode‘ grounds.

 With more than half of its residents reporting Chinese ancestry, it is the only suburb across all of NSW where one community of non-English migrants outnumbers everyone else combined.

Based on figures from the 2011 census, 52.5% of Hurstville’s population reported their heritage as Chinese. Other suburbs came close – Burwood (41%), Eastwood (36.5%) and Haymarket (36%).


Graphic: Conrad Walters, Source: 2011 Census

Migrants of most nations congregate in cities as a way of finding support in a new land and as a means of preserving culture. Sydney’s Chinese population is typical in that way.

Across Greater Sydney that behaviour has produced clusters on both sides of the Harbour Bridge and dense, if isolated, populations stretch from the city centre as far west as Cabramatta.

Just Restore Australia’s White Monocultural Bliss!

…so we Aussies can go back to leaving the motor running while we walk into a shop, just like in the good old days.