Tanya Plibersek’s feminism set to wear Shorten’s pants

Feninazi’s Emily’s List was set up as a political slush fund by Julia Gillard and Joan Kirner.

It was designed to ensure that radical feminists and their tunnel-visioned supporters promoted single, narrow-minded lunatic feminists into public office.   Gillard’s hysterical Misogyny Speech in Parliament was motivated by public revelations about her own slush fund.

It has been the case that the femiroids have been running the party and all to show just how much a failure feminist females are at running a country, let alone how totally incompetent they are in they handed down positions.

Gillard was one of the handbag mafia members as well as Tanya Plibersek. They swore their usual feminist mantras of together forever etc., that claimed that they would always stick together to raise the position of “leftist only” women and will stand by each other through thicker and thin.

When it actually came down to the rubber meeting the road, hyper-hypocrites like Tanya Plibersek and Penny Wong both stabbed Gillard in the back and voted that disastrous, lying hypocritical feminist out of office or made absolutely no effort at retaining the hypocrite’s services.

Labor's feminazis

So now we have another example to watch and demonstrate just how ridiculous these feminist females really are.

Just as feminazis afflicted Gillard, we will also see how that same debilitating mentality affecting virus will rule Plibersek out as approaching anything near being capable of holding that position without flying into delusional hysterics.

Backstabbing Bill’s only heading up disillusionsed Labor for a short time.  Plibersek’s clearly being groomed to take on Abbott in 2016.  Women and gays are already shaping up to be key demographic targets for Labor’s re-election, outnumbering heterosexual male voters.  The Emily girls still wear the pants and they are biding their time.

Tanya Plibersek