Sydney Public Meeting: ANTI-RACISM is a code word for ANTI-AUSTRALIAN

Branded Racist because I am WhiteBranded Racist because I am a White Australian


Australia First Party will host a public meeting in Sydney on July 25 on the theme that ‘Anti-Racism Is A Code Word For Anti- Australian‘.

Time and Place:  Saturday July 25, 1pm, 725 Princes Highway, Tempe (Sydney).

Speakers:  Dr. Jim Saleam, President of Australia First Party, will chair for a number of speakers who will unravel the ‘anti racist psychosis’.

Members and friends of the party are called upon to distribute over 50,000 handbills advertising the meeting and to distribute posters and other necessary materials in its support.

There will be three speakers on different aspects of the anti-racist psychosis.


The party will also invite people from other nationalist and patriotic organisations as part of our program of building closer bonds.

Racist is a code word for Anti-White