2015 Labor Conference unearths the Plibersek Asylum

ALP ConferenceAnother Loony Party conference unearths the Plibersek Asylum.


Bill Shorten: “When this conference opened, the nation paid attention.”  ..because Australians are fully shit-scared about what Labor has in store.

Behold, the ‘Plibersek Asylum‘ era:

Plibersek for PMThe Left has my full support

  • Labor Left is now firmly running the show – “we are a democratic socialist party”
  • Psst! Tanya Plibersek wears the pyjama trousers
  • Feminazis rule ok!  A Plibersek cabinet to mandate a 50% quota of Emily Listers
  • Albanese to have another crack at rolling out infrastructure decision-making
  • Labor is in coalition bed with the pure Communist Greens. Capitalism is evil.
  • Unfunded socialism
  • Indebted welfarism
  • Unions are Labor and Labor is unions with slush funds facilitating branch stacking.
  • Return of Labor’s Carbon Zombie Taxes
  • Double islamic asylum intake to 27,000 queue jumpers every year, minimum!

Labor's Asylum Seeker Policy

  • Open tap on illegal boats – identities overboard, scrapping TPVs, ending detention
  • Turnbacks?  Labor to turn its back on Australians
  • Mass immigration on 457 visas to sure up Labor’s vote in perpetuity
  • Australia is a rich nation. We can afford free trade globalism with the Third World
  • Mandate 50% renewable dependency, tripling electricity costs and costing $60B
  • Sell Australia’s coal power generation to the Chinese
  • Closer ties with China such as sharing Security, Defence and Intelligence
  • Ramp up Global Warming alarmism to ‘panic’
  • Ramp up Islamic multicultural terror
  • Labor lowered to a party for Deviant Marriage with its implications for foreign adoption/surrogacy, childcare & pedo-farming
  • Rebrand the ABC into The Ministry of Truth and promote Mark Scott to Minister
  • Follow Greece into progressive enlightenment
  • Australia to be a dumb, borderless banana republic

Plibersek AsylumAdvance Australia where?

Labor Party Anarchism..just give us the command