Soccer is anarcho-fascist and now officially corrupt, just as Lowy’s A-League fuels ethnic violence in urban Australia

International soccer magnates Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini have been found corrupt through bribery, and so rightly banned from involvement in soccer for eight years by the world governing body’s own ethics committee.

FIFA Sepp Blatter greed at 80Sadly, at age 80, personal greed still can corrupt absolutely…”I’ll be back”, he denies.


Swiss-based FIFA (The Fédération Internationale de Football Association) is in the midst of a year that has seen two rounds of sweeping charges against various organization officials by the U.S. Department of Justice for allegations including racketeering and money-laundering.

Not only is FIFA a toxic brand, so is its headquartered and once pure, Switzerland.

FIFA major sponsors like Coca-Cola, Visa, Adidas, McDonald’s and Anheuser-Busch have pulled out their credibility, trust and money, because FIFA has become a stain against their global consumer brands.

Australia under Labor’s PM Kevin Rudd corrupted $45 million of Australia’s taxpayers’ wealth to bride FIFA officials with some naive expectation of hosting the FIFA Soccer World Cup in 2022. Corrupt 50 degrees Celsius Qatar got the gig.

Caught up in the con were Australian soccer stars Harry Kewell, Collette McCallum, Cheryl Salisbury, Kevin Rudd, Football Federation Australia’s (FFA) chairman Frank Lowy and consultants Peter Hargitay and Fedor Radmann, as well as Ben Buckley, Quentin Bryce and Elle Macpherson.

Soccer is just not cricket. Soccer is dysfunctional and financially corrupt because it is ethnically anachronistic. FIFA systemic corruption confirms it.

Soccer lacks the civil graces of Australian traditional and respected sporting codes – cricket, footy, rugby, rugby league, tennis, golf, netball, swimming.  Such deeply Australian sporting codes have a proud discipline and respect between players just as much as fans.

Australian CricketCricket is Australian. Soccer is ethnic.


But recently imported ethnic Soccer has been criminally hijacked by vested foreign interests to re-brand the sport “football” and the “A-League” with the idea of muscling in on our traditional passionate fair Aussie sports.

The likes of Frank Lowy and the ABC to try to supplant Australian sporting codes with ethnic soccer is part of a deculturation of Australia by the left in bed with immigrants.

Soccer is so seriously boringly and so low-scoring that, like overseas experiences, it attracts violent immigrant ethnic fans flaring up their own sideline entertainment.

Soccer has imported and attracted unsporting politics.  Like in Europe, soccer attracts fanatical fan bases that bring violence.

Red and Black Bloc Fascist SaluteFascist Soccer violence by Western Sydney Wanderers FC in increasingly efnic Sydney

Yet because Soccer is foreign and ethnic, Liberal and Labor politicians order our state police to indemnify ethnic violence at soccer matches for fear of anti-Australia backlash by ideological ‘Multiculturalism’.

So our police do nothing because their command are intimidated by leftist convenient public accusations of ‘racism’.

It just shows up police command as being not only timid, but weak and appeasing of criminals who engage in politics.

Ethnic cockfighting is outlawed in Australia, so why not fan violence?

Ban this imported soccer spectacle in Australia for its fan violence.  Bring back Aussie footy codes and cricket to the lead sport news on the ABC, now that Leftist Mark Scott has creamed his multi-million dollar taxpayer pension.

Red and Black Bloc AnarchoNazisABC’s pensioned-off Mark Scott has headlined imported fascist soccer ahead of Australian sports.

If you see Mark Scott in the streets, let him know how unAustralian he was!

Mark Scott ABC CEO