Scott Morrison narrows the meaning of ‘refugee’ to deny cashed up illegal migrants transiting Indonesia

Indonesia’s incoming president Joko Widodo needs to realise that his predecessor Susilo Bang Bang Yudiono negligently allowed Indonesia to be used as a transit lounge for Turd World illegals en route to the Australian good life.

Finally Australia’s Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has turned off the people smuggler tap, declaring that Australia will no longer accept transiting “refugees” from Indonesia.

Refugee Council of AustraliaPoor starving refugee scum sucking on the teat of Australian taxpayers on Christmas Island


Widodo needs to pull his head in.  The smuggling starts on arrival in Indonesian airports, so sort it Widodo. Take a regional approach!  Don’t handball your problematic arrivals on to Australia!  Take ownership of an Indonesian source problem Widodo!

Scott Morrison is rightly draining the pool of cashed up illegals who happily fly full fare into Indonesia to make contact with a boat smuggler for the overnight boat charter to Ashmore Reef, then on to collect unlimited Centrelink, Medicare and Australian taxpayer privileges.

Indonesia’s 10,500 asylum seekers and refugees registered with the United Nations (UN) in Jakarta are Indonesia’s problem for letting in the one way trippers.

End Immigration

As expected, the One World for Third Worlders are incensed and screaming.  The fabricated Refugee Council of Australia and the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre are seething and livid. Pest inspectors have detected and sprayed the hornets nest.

The lefties would want nothing less than all 3 million Afghan hopefuls snubbing Australia’s $7.5 billion contribution to the war in Afghanistan and instead abandon their homeland to collect Centrelink and Medicare in Melbourne and Sydney.

‘twould be a Leftist world of welfare bliss!  Bugger primitives after more coin to breed!

Australia is finally taking a stand against boat arrivals to a new level, saying it will no longer resettle asylum seekers found to be refugees by the United Nation’s refugee agency in Indonesia who registered after July 1, 2014.

Asylum Seekers welcome in Australia

Australian fairness prevails. Australia’s humanitarian program for people overseas will properly hereon be selected by Australia from countries of first asylum.

Queue jumpers go to the back of the queue – cash up, boat chartered, forget it!

“In 2014–15, Australia’s Humanitarian Programme will provide 13,750 places. These will include 11,000 places for people overseas, nearly all of whom will be in countries of first asylum,” Mr Morrison said in a statement.

So Indonesia by granting entry to illegals can start manning up and deal with its own illegal immigration problem and stop hand-balling the problem to its friendly neighbour.


Whatever that means

Border Control is every nation’s sovereign right!

Just sort out your own illegal mess.

Australia has had a gutful.