King Rudd II ignoring the boats in the room

Despite Labor voting back in Rudd to lead it to the election, the greatest problem facing Australians remains his failure of our border control.

Australian continues to be invaded daily by economic illegals seeking Australia’s good life and Labor is welcoming them to placate Greens’ pro-illegal smuggler Sarah Hanson-Young.

Sarah Hanson-Young at Villawood Detention CentreQueen of the Illegals
~ the evil one of Inverbrackie

Rudd’s Big Australia Mein Kampf has thus far manifested in 50,000 illegal economic immigrants by boat charter, and 200,000 immigrants by plane charter each year since 2007.

Rudd personally has had Australia invaded by $1.2 million foreigners since he was annointed.  Being hung, drawn and quartered was the standard punishment of the day for treason in Henry VIII’s day.

Show pony Rudd, to be seen to be acting, went to Indonesia last week to see Yudhoyono.  All he got was an intent to meet to talk, but in the meantime the boats still keep coming, averaging 100 illegals a day on prepaid chartered fishing boats from southern Indonesian ports.

Yudhoyono a Kapassis Thug Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY)
– brigade leader of the corrupt red beret militia

Yudhoyono is blatantly allowing illegals from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and possibly Sri Lanka to fly into Indonesia on one way flights with no visas.  He knows they are in transit to Australia by people smugglers, but does nothing.  His police have been found on the take drawing commissions from the smuggling racket.  His navy moor to Indonesia’s north, Australian supplied patrol boats included.  He could share Indonesian immigration arrivals information with Australia but like Rudd Pink Batts mail, shreds it.

Yudhoyono is corrupt and runs circles around Rudd.  Rudd is a dud, better served in his Brisvegas hair salon!

Rudd is all about Rudd, so ignoring the greatest moral challenge of our time – illegal boats!

Boat IllegalsGreens Labor  ‘Hotel Australia’

Yet Labor continues to gift hundreds of millions of Australian taxpayer money to Indonesia and directs Australia’s Defence Force to train Indonesia’s militia who then go and murder West Papuans.   Labor’s Defence Minister Stephen Smith has been complicit in arming and training Indonesia’s infamous Kopassus militia and Detachment 88 military unit, who have subsequently murdered West Papuans seeking succession from colonial Indonesia.

Australia needs to sever its funding and training of Indonesia’s military, and just like East Timor support West Papuan’s struggle for succession from Indonesia.

Rudd missed his Tampa moment, when last Wednesday, 69 more brown illegals were at the request of Australian authorities intercepted by merchant vessel Sichem Hawk, just 40 nautical miles from Indonesian territorial waters.   The illegals were to be transferred to Indonesian Navy vessels, but demanded to be instead ferried over 200 nautical miles to their prepaid destination, Christmas Island.

They threatened self-harm, just like those back in 2001 on the MV Tampa.   Then PM John Howard properly ordered Australia’s military to intervene and the illegals were transferred to Nauru, not Christmas Island.

They all should have been arrested and deported back to whence they came – Central Asia.

Refugee Welcome ZoneWho’d give this brown scum a job?
Gillard, Rudd and the Greens!

No ‘back of the queue’ pussy footing.

All 50,000 illegals since Rudd’s 2007 accession need to be rounded up and deported.

No ifs, no buts.  Change the laws and make them retrospective to neutralise the legal crapiola.