Rapes by asylum seekers continue across Western Sydney’s ethnic ghetto

Yesterday, two 16 year-old Sydney schoolgirls were gang-raped in broad daylight by three Middle Eastern men in Fairfield Park in Western Sydney.

Police Superintendent Peter Lennon said the girls had skipped school in the Blacktown area to go shopping at Castle Hill, but got lost and had asked passengers on a train for directions.  The three men convinced the girls they could get them to a bus terminal.

“Unfortunately they were coaxed by these young men into coming to Fairfield, way, way off track of where they wanted to go.”

They all got off at Fairfield station about 2pm and walked to Fairfield Park on nearby Ulverstone Street where, police say, they were sexually assaulted by the trio out in the open and behind the grandstand.

“The best description we have got for the three males is that they are Middle Eastern Mediterranean.” say police.  The arabs are aged about 20 with dark complexions, dark hair and about 5 foot 9 – typical characteristics, and likely new arrivals on bridging visas.

Police fear the men have form (probably from where they came) and could likely strike again and rape more women.

In February 2014, six Somalian asylum seekers gang raped a 14-year old girl in Bill Colbourne Reserve in the nearby ethnic Western Sydney suburb of Doonside.  The girl was initially assaulted by one man in Doonside before his friends joined in late on a Saturday night.

The men are all described as being of African appearance and aged in their late teens to early 20s. Most have since been tracked down and caught and charged.  They are all asylum seekers.

Busy week.  Yesterday, detectives from Sydney’s Child Abuse Squad arrested and charged a 64-year-old ethnic taxi driver from Fairfield for allegedly repeatedly raped a 10-year-old girl with profound hearing difficulties.

The offences, which are alleged to have occurred on a number of occasions in 2009 when the girl was aged 10 and 11, took place in the vehicle the man used to transport her to and from school.  At the time, the man worked for a company contracted to transport children to and from schools.  So much for background checks – but not in country of origin.

The alleged paedophile would abuse the girl a few streets from her home, after dropping other children off at the end of the school day.

The ethnic appeared in Liverpool Local Court on Tuesday and was denied bail.

Previously, a few years back, islamic arab taxi driver Hassan Nagi (39) from Bexley in Western Sydney was convicted and gaoled in Sydney for raping three female passengers aged 31, 23 and 27 between 2003 and 2007. Nagi pleaded guilty in the Sydney District Court in 2011 and was sentenced to 8 years gaol, just two and half years for each rape.

Nagi was HIV positive and had form frequenting prostitutes since the age of 20.  His family had come to Australia for a better life.

Lawyers for Nagi, who is from Bexley in Sydney’s southwest, had argued he suffered a condition called Don Juanism, or “a man’s equivalent of nymphomania” which made him addicted to sex.

But the Judge spoke of the driver’s lack of respect for women, like many islamic arab-born males.

Nagi held up a photo of his children and yelled at the media after he was sentenced.

“I swear on my kids you are going to be shocked. Put the date down that I am going to be released. You will get a big shock,” he said.

Western Sydney is no longer safe for women.