Police resigning in droves because told they can’t shoot crims and the judges side with the crims anyway

Law and Order are in crisis across urban Australia.  The strong arm of the law is missing in action and all the good cops have left the police force, now that weak kneed pollies call it a ‘service’.

In migrant swollen Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, leftie politics sides with the criminals from leftie police ministers to soft cock promotion seeking commissioners.  The leftie judges mostly side with the crims against the men and women in blue, claiming the jails are full, so what’s the point?

Last February, Queensland Police Senior Constable Stephen Flanagan of some 26 years experience was fined $1,500 for point his pistol on a speeding driver who have repeatedly refused to stop and follow police instructions.  Some leftie lawyer sued and the pussy police chief has threatened Flanagan with discipline.

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Police have had a gutful, especially when it comes to being assigned Lebanon (western Sydney) or Sudan (northern Melbourne).  Middle Eastern and African islamic criminal gangs outnumber, outgun, and out-legal the police.

This week it is reported that some 1300 NSW officers have been medically discharged with psychological issues in just five years.

During the 2011-12 financial year alone, more than 650 officers left the force with mental health issues, with 158 being discharged in 2015-16.

Among the 1300 medical discharges are those that included both a physical and psychological component.

The state’s ambulance service was also not immune to trauma issues on duty, with 57 emergency services personnel from NSW Ambulance retiring “with ‘confirmed hurt on duty’ mental health conditions” during the same 2011-2016 period.

In Victoria, hundreds of police have made successful claims for psychological injury in the past two years as experts warn that the effects of vicarious trauma are a growing issue in the force.

Figures released by the Victorian Police Association in 2016 reveal that more than 400 officers were accepted as having psychological injuries in the two years.  The breakdown of the figures show 18 officers a month were ­successful in their claim for emotional and mental injury while on the job. The only other figures ­released by the association were for the 12 months to January 2014, which showed 13.5 officers a month had made successful claims for psychological injury.

The revelation came after Victorian Police Minister Wade Noonan on Monday announced that he was temporarily standing down as minister and local member because of the strain assoc­iated with the “constant exposure to details of unspeakable crimes and traumatic events”.  Mr Noonan said he needed time off the job to receive further support and assistance, ­including professional counselling.

Thanks for nothing Department of Immigration Canberra.

Useless policing is fueling private militias.  Many are committed to ridding Australia of muzzies, coconuts, slopeheads, niggers, and especially lebs.

We need more J W Peppers with the right fumigation attitude, but God damn more resourcing.