Plibersek – Sydney’s Cane Toad

from Australia Forum.  Luv ya work:

Tanya Plibersek for Labor LeadershipThe Pleb-is-Sick


“Everyone knows this woman is a shonky. Everyone knows about her real traits.

Everyone knows she’s a useless whining victim of affirmative action that crawled & slithered around like a tapeworm in the factional chaos of the Labour Party to back Gillard then Rudd then Gillard then Rudd. A two faced vacuous knifer.

This is the idiot that sold out the national affordability housing scheme for our homeless to asian criminals so they could house Chinese and Thai prostitutes all pretending to be on student visas.

$5 billion wasted.

Sydney choked with Australian homeless on the street because of Pleb-Is-Sick selling out to her crony mates and speculators.

That’s Pleb-Is-Sick’s handiwork.

Tanya Plibersek

The silly cow has used the Bali 9 as excuse to fess up her partner is convicted criminal drug dealer.

Silent on the real facts of the story: just the usual Pleb-Is-Sick lies to herself & everyone else about how lucky she was he wasn’t shot in an asian prison & they have beautifully brainwashed kids.

Yeah right : what about all the people that died due to the drugs he was bringing in.  And she & partner are above the law as the special entitled class ?

I would rather he had caught & shot in Asia. I think he is a lying self serving arrogant prick & the two are a matches pair. He at least should have served a proper prison sentence and been barred from being in public office.

And it would be better if Pleb-Is-Sick had no kids.

Every so often human evolution throws up a very ugly dislikeable and bad set of genes in a person. And that’s Pleb-Is-Sick. The partner is as bad as she is.  Why would we want those genes to continue ?

The Pleb-Is-Sick is a very ugly stupid annoying person who couldn’t tell the truth to help herself.

Tanya Plibersek for Labor Leadership
Given her track record & crimes against Australians, she should not be in public office.  It won’t be long before she knifes the Elephant man rapist that currently masquerades as a the party leader.”

Tanya Plibersek silentBill, watch out for Plibersek’s knife splaining!