Plibersek bullies Shorten to play the Burqa card because she has the legs

Labor’s cultural chair and lead leftist Tanya Plibersek has coerced Bill Shorten to play the ethnic card against the Liberal Australian Government.  It’s Plibersek gutter tactics learned from her idle socialist student years attending uni.

Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi has seen reason in calling unreasonable Labor’s Racial Discrimination Act that prohibits any right by any Australian to “offend” anyone for whatever reason.  But Plibersek saw a racist slur opportunity, receiving nudges from her ethnic and anarchist fringe mates.

Plibersek eyeing the Labor leadershipThey’re right, you’re just not up to it


So feminazi, Plibersek, coerced Labor’s Bill Shorten as opposition leader to vilify outspoken Bernardi.  Emily-listers come first and Bill lacks the cunning.

Dutiful ‘mummies boy’ Shorten labelled Bernardi a member of “team idiot” for trying to weaken race hate laws during a national security crisis.  Bill knows how to twist truth after his Gillard years and probably helped draft Julia’s discounted autobiographical ‘My Story‘.

Shorten of course was politically playing on PM Tony Abbott’s recent public plea for new migrants to Australia to be part of ‘Team Australia‘, not their own home monocultural  version of multiculturalism denying female rights.

Abbott had said: “Don’t migrate to Australia unless you want to join “Team Australia”.


Of course, Abbott was belatedly appealing to reason from juvenile muslims downunder poor raised and lured off to jihad ego recovery in Islamic nostalgia somewhere in the Islamic desert.

Abbott is naturally concerned with the radicalised ex-jihadists returning to Australia.  “So we do have to be vigilant against it, and my position is that everyone has got to be on Team Australia,” Abbott said.

High altitude Abbott was naively appealing to the mythical moderate Muslim wandering the desert sands.

Colleague Senator Cory Bernardi was less diplomatic, and more real having not been exposed to the same high altitude jetlag and space oddities.  Bernardi not only wanted Labor’s vague 18C clause removed from Labor’s Anti-Australian Discrimination Act, Bernardi called to ban the burqa from Parliament House and he support of Nationals MP George Christensen.

Shorten, garnering Labor’s immigrant vote, predictably branded Bernardi “extremist..fuelling and fanning the flames of intolerance”, insinuating they both read Mein Kampf, German for ‘My Story’, or was it Gillard’s he was alluding to?  Mr Shorten said Mr Abbott needed to slap down the ‘fringe dwellers’ in his party, Abbott’s party that is.

Abbott cited the need to get everybody on “Team Australia” as the reason for dumping a government plan to change the act.  What a pussy to the feminazis!

Plibersek has pushed and pushed Shorten to draw Abbott on his personal view on the Muslim female slavery garment ‘the burqa’.

Burqa Model 2012Not allowed in Parliament
Masked minorities scream discrimination!


Finally, after obvious consultation with internal spin doctors, Abbott came out ‘candidly’ declaring that he found the covering worn by some Muslim women ‘a fairly confronting form of attire’.  ‘Frankly, I wish it was not worn, but we are a free country,’ he said.

Tanya can air her legs on the front bench in Parliament. It’s a free country.

Tanya Plibersek in speedos in ParliamentNot a confronting form of attire except in the Muslim World