Operation Total Top: Marise Payne’s gender neutral policy to obliterate Australian Defence morale

Look out China, shake in ya boots!   Australian Defence is so desperate for recruits it’s inviting foreigners, Chinese, Muslims, and faggots to join up.  Why not palliative care patients and dead people.  If the Commonwealth Bank can..?

Aussie soldiers have been told not to use words like ‘him’ and ‘her’ apparently because some PC consultant reckons it’ offends snowflake LGBTI all-sort members – Defence’s latest targeted recruitment demographic.  So now at Defence Recruitment, instead of page 1 of the application form asking if an applicant is either male or female, Defence suggests a perverted suite of gender-bending choices, which sends exactly what message?:

We’re still trying to find out where ‘Two Spirit’ is going, and we fear the list is set to get longer

New Army Doctrine and Language Manual

Canberra’s lapbanded munster for Defence, Marise Payne, yesterday confirmed that Canberra is “developing a policy of gender-neutral language” to compulsorily apply to all 80,000 Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel, or else.

How many situps this morning Marise?

ADF policy is now directed by the Defence LGBTI Information Service (DEFGLIS).  Yes it’s a new discriminatory leftist plant within Defence HQ to weed out all remnant testosterone in this man’s Army and eat away all vestiges of aggressive behaviour throughout the ranks.  DEFGLIS motto is: “enhancing inclusion, building community, creating capability” – although it is nonspecific about the type of community or what capabilities are expected.

A confidential DEFGLIS policy document has been exposed applying to training staff at the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) in Canberra, which trains future ADF officers across the three corps Army, Navy, Air Force.   It was distributed internally in 2017 and is entitled ‘ADFA Staff LGBTI Guide 2017‘.

The lapbanded munster directs:

“The language guide written by the Australian Defence Force Academy began being distributed to officers in training last year as part of a politically correct push inside the military.   It is my intent to ensure that all ADFA staff and officer cadets are now issued with the knowledge and skills required to manage, train and support an increasingly diverse workforce.

The document instructs soldiers to issue apologies if they use offending language and warned they be reported for ‘unacceptable behaviour’ if the speech was deliberate.   A 2017 ‘ADFA Staff LGBTI Guide’ attempts to ensure staff are better informed when making decisions regarding the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and/or intersex (LGBTI) community”.

The deviant guide states:

“To meet the challenge of leadership and military professionalism the learning environment and culture at ADFA must be inclusive and diverse.”

“All ADFA personnel need to appreciate that the deliberate use of non-inclusive language, exclusion and bullying due to gender diversity are some of the behaviours which can affect LGBTI members.”

“Use gender neutral language when referring to relationships or gender identities.”

“Soldiers shouldn’t use terms like “him”, “her” so they don’t offend “LGBTI” members, and refusing to do so will be considered bullying.”

The guide then breaks down terms associated with a range of sexual and gender identities, and even provides a diagram to help staff understand the cult’s conjured terms:

It goes onto include sicker fetishes like voyeur, exhibitionist, sadist, masochist, tranny,  paedo, frotteur, and rump-spelunker


“Misgendering can have a significant effect on transgender individuals as it is often an expression of a lack of understanding of acceptance of that person’s identity,” the guide says.

“It is important to be mindful of respectful and disrespectful behaviours or language in relation to LGBTI members,” it reads. “In the event that you make a mistake, the best course of action is to apologise, listen to anything the member’s wishes to say in response, and then move on with the conversation.”

Apparently there is talk of removing the entire parade ground to make way for the growing range of Toilet Diversity in order to be more “respectful” and inclusive of gender specific identities.

The assault course and firing range are also targets for diversity inclusiveness. But a problem arises about permutations – such as having to accommodate a pacifist black lesbian jihadi who requires prayer time (and mat) at five set times a day, is level 5 vegan* and allergic to wearing Army fatigues?

*Level 5 Vegan is someone who never eats anything that casts a shadow.

Read the actual propaganda document:

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What Better Way to Destroy Australia’s Military? – sabotage morale from within HQ

Leftie PM Turncoat has sent them in to destroy Australia’s defence capability.  Under the leftie likes of Lieutenant General David (get out!) Morrison and General Angus (hug a Kopassus) Campbell, the Australian Defence Force has been infiltrated by pillow biters, bean flickers and rump-spelunkers. 

2016 Blowhard the Year


Turncoat has unleashed on Defence his leftie ideology in the new Australian Gender Equality Council and the Workplace Gender Equality Agency to rip and tear at male morale.   Basically it’s taking the Safe Schools social engineering into the battle ground.  David Morrison invited feminazi misogyny hunter Elizabeth Broderick loose in the ranks.

Since being Labor’s Sex Discrimination Commissioner: 2007 – 2015, Broderick has executed a Cromwellian conquest over Normal White Male free speech across dozens of Australian governments, institutions and corporations.  The bitch has gelded natural male leaders into what she coined ‘Male Champions of Change’ in the Australian Federal Police, University of Sydney, the AFL, NRL, Golf Australia, Netball Australia, Rowing Australia and many other organisations.

Broderick euphemistically terms her man hate rip and tear “cultural renewal”.  It’s akin to a ‘Brown-on-Blue Attack‘ within barracks.  Now we refuse to associate the innocent and feminine colour of ‘pink’ with deviance which the deviant cultists have stolen for their own perverted evangelistic ends.

No we won’t go there

Rather, the colour brown is most apt for deviants who engage in orifice abuse notably that used for defecating.


So Defence strategy has been turned to navel gazing – funding sex changes in the millions while leaving veterans out to dry and suicide in silence.  Defence brass are now more focuses on achieving non-male quotas and being vocabulary police, instead of being mentors and military leaders.

Back in October 2017, Former Labor leader Mark Latham warned Australians against the erosion of our national psyche of ‘the fair go’ when identity politics ‘reserves’ positions in the workplace denying the best person getting the job.

He pointed out ‘female only intakes’ for both the Australian Defence Force and the Australian Federal Police, thereby denying well qualified male applicants serving their country simply because they had the wrong genitalia. Further that many lucrative employment sectors in Australia, such as the law, education, medicine and the Australian Public Service, now have more women than men. The AFP Diversity and Inclusion Strategy wants “LGBTI members to reflect 10% of the total AFP workforce by the end of 2020”. This is a significant over-representation, given that only 2-3% of Australians are homosexual or transgender and hardly consistent with an equitable quota.

Latham has criticised the RAAF for its gender experiment by watered down fighter training standards so two females could graduate.

“What Defence Minister Marise Payne is not telling you: The two female graduates of this ADF ‘Top Gun’ program had their training and testing requirements watered down to get them through, solely on the basis of gender.   (simulator only?)

This is how Payne runs Australia’s defence capability: as an experiment in identity politics. I too wish the graduates the best for the future but realistically, there should be one set of rules for all fast jet pilot trainees, for a job as difficult and important as this.”

Do chicks have a killer instinct to dogfight or bomb enemy targets under fire?  Not likely.

Latham on the Royal Australian Navy diversity:

“THIS WILL SCARE THE ENEMY …Recently the Australian Navy began taking part in the ‘100 Days For Change’ campaign. According to a Navy spokesperson: “To encourage gender equality and diversity in the workplace, personnel in Sydney painted their pinky fingernails pink as a visual indication of support.”

Sadly this is not a joke. It is the Australian Defence Force under Marise Payne and Malcolm Turnbull. Pink fingernails are yet another tragic sign of PC-capability being put ahead of defence capability.

Navy Diversity Recruitment:  Meet Milton the Pink Fingernail Monster


Next step is for Defence to prepare women to shower with men as part of ‘transgender’ training.  All bullets are to be replaced by lipsticks, so soldiers can see when they’ve hit an enemy combatant, just like in paintball.

A snapshot of 2016 survey results, requested at a recent Senate estimates hearing, found between just 19 and 42 per cent of ADF employees had a high or very high level of morale in their workplace.  Bring back bayonet practice, the death skulls and harden up.

Bring back pillage and plunder too!