Oct 10 BENDIGO RALLY! – Bendigo Council inviting Islamic sharia, jihad, beheadings, murdering of police and FGM

Walk out of a police building in Australia and now expect to be shot in the back of the head by an Islamic.

Liberal Party ‘philosopher king’ PM Malcolm Turnbull, has come out dismissing last Friday’s cold-blooded jihadi murder of a police staffer – as but a mere “act of politically-motivated violence“.  Crap!  This is Islamic jihad, not political backstabbing.

As if with 500,000 Muslims imported into urban Australia thus far and encouraged by misguided multiculturalism, ordinary Aussies should expect we cop multicultural collateral damage?  We can’t even walk safe down the local street anymore because of imported dangerous asylum seekers like this roaming loose.

And they have ready access to guns from fellow Muslims.

The nearby Parramatta Mosque and Arthur Phillip High School where the schoolboy jihadi had his Islamic “teaching” are clearly breeding grounds for Islamic insurrection in Sydney. His classmate was arrested today with a matching black Nike backpack after threatening on Facebook that western Sydney’s Merrylands Police Station is “next”.

  • Australia is not Islamic!
  • Both these Islamic institutions need to be shut down yesterday!
  • All criminally indicted Islamics within Australia need to have deportation processing arranged back to where they came from!
  • Islam needs to be outlawed throughout Australia as an anti-Australian violence-inciting ideological cult!  It has no place here.
  • All non-birth Australians and their offspring who subscribe to Islam as a family need to deported back to where they came from!
  • Anyone who subscribes to the islamic faith in Australia needs to be put on an AFP watch register!

Ginger JihadistWe don’t deserve jihadist scum walking among us.   We are secular-Christian Australia, not sectarian Islamic Arabic!

Yet, all King Turnbull’s Multicultural Affairs spokeswoman can say is that the federal government is hoping it can build better relations with the Muslim community as it stresses more inclusive discussions. Malcolm’s newly created lefty role of Assistant Minister for Multicultural Affairs Concetta Fierravanti-Wells says “some Muslim communities are feeling marginalised, disenfranchised and ignored.”

Senator Concetta Fierravanti-WellsFierravanti-Wells:  “I’m an immigrant, so mono-cultural mussies rock!”


The day following the murder, Labor’s wannabe PM disgraced himself to all Australians by publicly stating:

“Our thoughts are also with the family of the alleged young perpetrator.”


Meanwhile the family of murdered Curtis Cheng are not coping.  The Police Association of NSW is full aware of the family’s plight and has established a fund raising appeal.  Leading on its website reads as follows:

PANSW Circular 43:  ‘Parramatta Shooting’

“We have been in constant contact with the Commissioner and his senior officers to ensure the safety and security of members is at the forefront of their thinking. The Commissioner has undertaken to ensure intelligence and safety reviews are completed immediately in light of yesterday’s events. This will continue over the weekend and we will do all that is necessary to make sure this is a priority.

Following advice of the incident assistance was provided by the PANSW to the Special Constables in respect to the Critical Incident Investigation. There is little doubt their actions saved the lives of our members as well as the public.

In support of the Police Family your Association, with the support of NSW Police Legacy have set up a fund for the famly of the deceased Police Force Employee Curtis Cheng. The details are:

NSW Police Legacy Appeal.  BSB 815 000  Account: 276953S1 (omit S1 if not transferring from a Police Bank account)

Your Association will continue to pursue the range of critical officer safety issues we have been advocating including:

  • Roll out Active Shooter Training with priority to the areas of greatest need
  • Rationalisation of Single Unit Policing Practices
  • Police Station Safety Upgrades
  • Expedite the Tender and Fund the Roll Out of Ballistic/Stab Resistant Vests
  • Guns in Courts
  • Ensure NSW Police have reliable secure and modern communications including unrestricted access to the 700MHz spectrum

This incident highlights the need for these issues to be resolved and we will be meeting with the Commissioner and his senior Executive team early next week. We will provide members with updated information via circular and website posts.”

Pat Gooley, Acting President


NSW Police not equipped for Islamic ViolenceIt should not have come to this.

With the waves of Islamics flooding into Australia, state police are not equipped – consider the Western Sydney Wanderers soccer marches now armed with knives and worse.


In June 2014, Bendigo Council in Victoria approved a massive $3 million Islamic mosque to attract tens of thousands of Muslims.

The Bendigo council approved it under corrupt influence and despite fierce opposition from most local residents.  More than 200 protestors had packed a City of Greater Bendigo meeting, heckling councillors, and calling on them to reject the plans. The proposal received more than 400 letters of objection, with more than half of them based on religious grounds.

City of Bendigo

Bendigo Council ignored Bendigo ratepayers, many of whom are more than 5th generation Australians with heritage to the 1850s Gold Rush.

Members of Australia’s United Patriotic Front staged a protest outside council chambers last weekend.  As a sign of things to come, UPF conducted a mock beheading of a mannequin outside the Bendigo council offices in protest against plans for the city’s first mosque.  There was also fake blood sprayed on the steps outside the building – just for effect.

Bendigo Mock BeheadingNot real folks, just a demonstration of what is to come to Bendigo! 

But with Muslims about there’s such sharia about.  Look out Bendigo! 

United Patriots Front (UPF) describe themselves as a “nationwide movement, opposing the spread of Left Wing treason and spread of Islamism”.

Bendigo BeheadingAussies telling it like it is.  Islam sux!

UPF:  “Funny how the lefty groups are calling us extremist for cutting the head off of a dummy, but are silent about the shooting execution of a NSW police employee in Australia’s second Islamic terror Attack on Friday, subjective hypocrites. Never forget Parramatta – R.I.P Curtis Cheng.”

UPF leader Blair Cottrell said the Australian protest was a “political statement against diversity dogma”.  He said the dummy did not represent any person but “the innocent being mercilessly slaughtered by the faith of Islam”.  The protest is a grassroots reaction to the mosque’s approval “against the will of the Bendigo people” but also in response to the shooting of a NSW Police employee in Parramatta last Friday afternoon.

The protest followed an Islamic community barbecue staged in Bendigo last Friday (celebrating the Parramatta jihad).

It is a harbinger of the Islamic sharia and jihadism set to beset the good burghers of Bendigo.

Bendigo's only MuslimsBendigo’s only Muslims who want to destroy traditional Bendigo

Previously, UPF led a protest rally against the mosque in Bendigo in August and is planning a further rally in Bendigo against the divisive mosque this coming Saturday October 10, 2015.  Islamic are not welcome and never will be in Australia.

Bendigo Rally Against Islamic Mosque Oct 10, 2015Rally to be at the corner of Forest Street and Mackenzie Street, Bendigo from 2:30pm

Australia First Party supports the United Patriots’ Front rally in Bendigo this coming weekend.

A local group opposed to to the rally Believe In Bendigo is linked to Mayor Cox and opposes the UPF. This group supports “diversity” in the city.

Mayor Cox is on record as supporting the extension of the overseas student program in Bendigo. Maybe he is concerned that the furore over the Mosque will undermine the ‘reputation’ of the city? He has also stated that the population of Muslims is set to explode throughout the area. Is all this meant to make someone rich? Has the overseas student program made anyone rich in Bendigo?

Bendigo Mayor Cox and his foreign Muslim money threaten local residents that despite only a handful of Muslims being settled by the Victorian Government welfare in Bendigo, Islamics are determined to go ahead with plans for the mosque despite the ongoing protests.

Bendigo Councillor Elise Chapman says many residents are worried about an “influx” of Muslims in their area. Ms Chapman says safety concerns were among the objections, citing a 2011 case that came before the Melbourne County Court in which a young woman was raped by a group of young men at Flora Hill. “I’ve received numerous pleas from women about their safety. The people are concerned,” she said.

A campaign on Facebook to “stop the Mosque in Bendigo” has so far attracted more than 7,000 likes. The page features photographs of the Bendigo councillors who approved the plans, labelling them “traitors”.

Bendigo Councillor TraitorsTreacherous Mussie-luv’n Bendigo councillors

“We are all brainwashed and told how great multiculturalism is. We are told it creates diversity… [but] multiculturalism further divides people”, one commenter writes. “Islam will bring forced marriages, acid attacks on women, bashings of local white men, loss of local jobs to Muslim refugees. It will create a shortage of housing for locals … and unwanted competition securing a rental property.”