Occupy Melbourne aligns with Sharia Law Muslims to protest against Wilders

Dutch politician, Geert Wilders, gave his first Australian speech in Melbourne yesterday. He says that his aim is to  raise Western awareness about the serious threats of Islam to a country like Australia.

He opposes the “Islamisation” of the Netherlands and has called for the banning of
the Koran. There is some truth to his description of Islam as an authoritarian ideology not
simply a religion.

Mr Wilders was invited to Australia by a Liberal Party satellite group called the Q
Society, which has strong links to Zionists and pro-Israel Government agenda.

We have commented before on how the discussion into Islam is often manipulated by
such forces.  Even so, Wilders deserved free speech.

With all the hundreds of thousands of Muslims already let into Australia by Liberal
and Labor governments, particularly in enclaves established in Melbourne and Sydney, it was to be expected that there be self-interested protest against Wilders by Australia’s new urban Islamists.

Despite Wilders conveying a non-violent resistance to Islam, protests organised by
student-based, Occupy Melbourne, decided to deny Wilders his right to free speech by engaging in a Hate Protest.

Occupy Melbourne aligns with Sharia Law Muslims
Useful  Idiots:  Occupy Melbourne joins forces with Sharia Law Muslims.   How naïve?  
In an Islamic country, the two women would here not be allowed to wear what they are wearing. The man would.


Occupy Melbourne has naïvely joined forces with hardcore Islamists and radical Leftist activist groups, including Australia’s leading pro-Islam immigration groups, the Islamic Friendship Association, the Islamic Council of Victoria as well as extreme Leftist groups Green Left, Socialist Alternative and the Anarchists.  What a toxic rabble!

However, tight security and local police ensured that Wilders was able to deliver
his speech to his privately invited audience.   Some hundred odd vocal protesters outside expressed their opposition to his free speech.

The pro-Islamic protest leaders demonised Wilders’ free speech conveniently as ‘racist’ and the student followers blindly obeyed without any interest in hearing what Wilders had to say.  True to form the Islamist protest organisers irrationally reject any Australians’ right to challenge Islamic migration, doggedly labelling such challenge conveniently as ‘Islamophobia‘.

The Leftists just went along.

Islamisation denies Free Speech

Islamic Hypocrisy 

Muslim Protester Nadia Shamsuddin, (an obvious ethnic) claimed that Wilders’ stance was the “promotion of oppression and racism is appalling in the civilised world”.

Shamsuddin’s hypocritical intolerance of Australian free speech conveniently ignores the oppressive and undemocratic nature of Islam which is responsible for this reprehensible attack on freedom of speech.  Shamsuddin was not wearing a Burka or Nijab, but enjoying Australian democratic freedoms as she called for Islam and Sharia Law for Australia.

Shamsuddin should live in Pakistan and learn more about the Islamisation of women!

Actually, Shamsuddin only needs to go to London where Islamisation and Sharia Law
prevails as result of Tony Blair’s Labour invited Islamic overrun of British Christian society.

If Islamic women don’t wear face coverings they risk acid attack, like what happened
to Naomi Oni, 20, near Westfield Dagenham in East London December 30, 2012 when a niqab-wearing attacker threw acid in her face as she walked home from shopping.

Naomi Oni, Sharia Law Acid WashNaomi Oni, Sharia Law acid washed by Islamists in London, UK


Just like in Islamic Pakistan many victims of acid attacks are targeted for wearing Western dress,  i.e., dressing “immodestly,” and are thus subjected to this cruel Sharia enforcement. In Kashmir, Muslims threatened to throw acid in the faces of women who didn’t wear the veil and used cellphones. Naomi Oni was doing both.

Other Islamic law says that women showing any skin, according to Muslim men ‘deserved’ to be raped.  This is the Sharia Law enforcement supported by the likes of ethnic Shamsuddin and Occupy Melbourne.

The odd thing is, all over the West the radical Left tries to ally with or defend radical Islam.

Today we sadly have plenty of Useful Idiots when it comes to the authoritarian ideology of Islam.  Indeed, Islam is a repressive political ideology wrapped up as a religion. And millions of gullible and uninformed Westerners are rushing out to actually defend it! Yet when a nation has a Muslim majority, these spineless and brainless wonders will wish they were not so naïve and misinformed!

So the problem of Islam’s growth in the West – the very thing Wilders is trying to warn us about – is due not just to Islamic expansionism, but of Western naivety, complacency, tolerance and credulity.

Occupy Melbourne chicks in Islamic Garb
Occupy Melbourne women enjoying Islamic Protest  . . . 2020?