NSW State Election – Vote 1 Jim Saleam for COOTAMUNDRA

Dr Jim Saleam is the only Nationalist Candidate in the 2019 NSW Election, standing as a lower house candidate in Cootamundra.


“I’m not the candidate of a mainstream party, nor would I abide their rules. I want an ideological revolution in Cootamundra.”

Australian Nationalist Policies:

  1. Redivert taxpayer wealth from Sydney back into rural New South Wales – restore the traditional nexus between the City and the Bush;
  2. Public Assets returned to public ownership – Electricity, Gas, Water – all made affordable again;
  3. Reclaim public funded Freeways (no road tolls in NSW);
  4. No China City anywhere in New South Wales – prevent the economic intrusion of Chinese imperialism in NSW;
  5. Sustain and subsidise a permanent trained agricultural labor force – mobile and Australian-born only;
  6. End Refugee Welcome Zones in NSW – prioritise public healthcare, housing, jobs for Australian-born only;
  7. Restore public funding of TAFE skills training and free trade apprenticeships as before the Laborals gutted both;
  8. Address homelessness across NSW including rural and remote homelessness;
  9. Address the rural mental health crisis across NSW, and crackdown on the ICE scourge;
  10. Scrap Badgery’s Creek Airport – it’s only to serve an unwanted migration invasion;
  11. Scrap the Raising of Warragamba Dam Wall – it’s only to serve an unwanted migration invasion;
  12. Resist Canberra’s mass immigration dumping on Sydney;
  13. Foster NSW agricultural export market opportunities that do NOT involve China – help restore Australia’s independence.


Jim Saleam is our People’s Ombudsman.  Jim cannot be bought nor corrupted.


Jim would preference the sitting member last (Nationals florist Steph Cooke – kick out the good ‘ol boys), but basically voters can preference who they want on the ballot papers.