Leftard Greens pushing mainstream ICE Addiction

Da Greens hate decent Australians with a passion.

The leftards have come out of another weekend bong session declaring their policy to decriminalise ICE and other narcotics.  Clearly they’re chasing the drug addict vote.  But ultimately they have their eyes on mainstream Australia – Karl Marx’s “opiate of the masses” literally!

The ink is not yet dry on their Deviant Marriage Law, yet they’re right on to their next leftard agenda item – legalizing narcotics in their anarcho-quest to destroy the fabric of decent Australian society, abolish borders and achieve neo-communist One World Government.

Wedge Politics 101:  Postcode 3121

In the dank Greens den of Richmond (postcode 3121 in inner Melbourne) the demographic profile is like no other – from ‘cash-onry’ Vietnamese restaurants on Victoria Street, da multiculti melting pot along Swan Street, or the suicide towers of Henry Bolte’s Liberals housing commission of the 1960s – all packed with Third World welfare seekers.

It’s perfect feeding ground for Greens – smelly dumpster inner city, where tiny front yards, footpaths and laneways are littered with used syringes, overdose victims and where hepatitis C and HIV are epidemic.   “Richmond is a perfect storm – a busy needle exchange, public transport access, discreet laneways and a network of heroin dealers.”

Then walk around the corner and in the next laneway you find this lot.

The anarcho-agenda is to launch Victoria’s first drug taking centre dubbed da ‘North Richmond Injecting Room‘ where addicts can shoot up illicit deadly narcotics like crystal methamphetamine (ICE), cannabis, ecstasy, heroin, cocaine – all safely of course.

Population addition suburb by suburb is the prelude to anarchy, the ultimate goal.

Dealers are relishing the move and outlaw bikie gangs and asian crime syndicates are gearing up for some serious trafficking.

ICE Free-Trade


And of course leftard Dan Andrews is all for it.  Current and former drug addicts are to be taxpayer-funded so heroin addicts can shoot up at Victoria’s first condoned drug-taking centre.

They all vote Green of course and they’ve elicited support from their leftie union mates at the Victorian Trades Hall Council and not surprisingly from the Victorian AIDS Council of Faggotry.  Dr Richard di Natali has also conned his medico mates because the Victorian Government has simply given up the war of drugs.

“It is unconscionable to ignore all of these experts who deal with injecting drug use on a daily basis.  If you can’t beat ’em, join em” – is the slogan emanating from Spring Street.

Greens commo leader Lee Rhiannon reckons her party’s plan to decriminalise the personal use of ICE will allow addicts to “buy as much of the deadly substance as they want”.  Bong on!

Chasing the schizophrenic demographic

Golly godfather Dr (death) di Natali reckons medicinal cannabis was just the beginning. Now he’s pushing for every Australian backyard to have a cannabis crop – for personal use only of course.

Da Greens reckon it will keep our kids safe.

The Leftard Greens are a hate cult.  They hate Decent Australia