Myuran Sukumaran is Tamil and Andrew Chan is Chinese, so neither is Australia’s concern

In April 2005, nine people were caught by Indonesian police red-handed at Denpasar Airport trying to smuggle out more than 10kg of heroin from Indonesia.  So dumb criminals in Indonesia deserving Indonesian justice!

Australian media collectively named them the ‘Bali Nine’.   All were found guilty by Indonesia courts.  The two smuggling masterminds now on Indonesian death row are not Australians.

Capital punishment removes evil from society and saves innocent lives.  Who misses evil?

Bali Nine Drug Bust 2005

Illegal Drugs kill.  Illegal drug traffickers profit from drug addicts.

And Australian Catholic Greg Craven, your media mercy plea for the dear perpetrators is immoral and unfounded.  Better to support the drug addict victims not the traffickers, you poncy hypocrite!

Greg Craven

Australia First Party’s Perry Jewell’s Letter to an Indonesian Paper on Drug Executions:

Dear Sir,

We congratulate and highly respect President Widodo’s stand on drug traffickers.


Our friends in Indonesia may be under the false impression that Australians are
against the death penalty for these mass murderers (drug traffickers) – destroyers
of our economies, our young people and our nation.

Indonesia must be sick to death of Western cockroaches coming into their country
engaging in this despicable trade.

Many decent Australian citizens are disgusted with the behaviour of many of the
Australian tourists that go to Indonesia.

It may surprise Indonesians to know that Australia poses as being a democratic
country, whilst undemocratically compelling their citizens to vote for either of two
parties who have a bipartisan approach regarding drug policies and strategies –
which quite often are opposed by the bulk of the population.

In the case of drugs, we talk about a drug war but a war isn’t being fought.
Concerned Australians are finding it almost impossible to determine how many
casualties we suffer to drug induced suicides and overdoses in this country, not to
mention the number of brain-damaged people, destroyed families and communities.
Australians are subject to ever-increasing violent crime, a direct result of the
drug scourge now plaguing Australia.

Many Australians are in full support of Indonesia’s drug policies and where there is
no doubt of guilt, we support the death penalty for drug traffickers.

Kind Regards,

K. Sharp & P. Jewell
Attack Dangerous Drugs Injustice Corruption Taskforce (A.D.D.I.C.T) Association

Bali Nine Sukumanan and Chan Bali Nine heroine-trafficking ringleaders Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran are not Australian, so they are not Australia’s problem.

It could be worse, try it in Muslim Saudi Arabia..

Muslim Death Penalty