Myth of Hansonism anything but ‘Australian Nationalism’: PART 2 FOREIGN OWNERSHIP & WELFARE

Pauline Hanson’s contractual support with billionaire globalist Gina Rinehart is desperate stuff.  It makes a mockery of One Nation policies being any different to the Liberal Party.

Gina can pull her purse-strings lifeline drip to Pauline any minute. So both women are on speed dial.

Ipswich’s flaunted ‘Chiko Roll’ candidate has always meant Liberal Party extra chips for voter magnet purposes.

Fake nationalist Pauline has no idea. 

The staple Aussie Chiko Roll has always been the invention of local Castlemaine entrepreneur Leo McEncroe

Yet fish and chipper Pauline still can’t tell a greasy imported asian spring roll from the Classic Chiko.


Pauline, under instructions from Peter Slipper’s ex-staffer James Ashby, reckons they’re all “good asians” so long as they support Ashby‘s support for gay sex.

Frankly, if it appears different, yet smells the same, talks the same, so it must be the same, so it’s vermin.  Just ask the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers to verify this Bush lore.

Pauline will do anything, whatever it takes.

Beware of One Nation Foreign Imitations

..our iconic Chiko Roll made its first appearance at the Wagga Wagga show in 1951, but if Pauline (good asian) Hanson has her way…