Mothers Day double dissolution – a crisis of trust in government

Today, Sunday, Mother’s Day in Australia is a day when children celebrate their mother because they wouldn’t be here without her.

Mothers Day in AustraliaDon’t forget your mother; she’ll never you.


Today will historically be remembered in Australia when Mother’s Day focus was diverted to bloody politics.


Greens-Labor Parliamentary Sabotage

Greens-Labor coalition in both the lower and upper houses of parliament have rejected many of the government’s bills since the 2013 federal election, holding parliamentary democracy hostage by causing legislative deadlock in both houses.

As was the six years of the wastefully arrogant Rudd-Gillard-Rudd Leftist Era wasn’t enough.  Since the September 2013 election, the Greens-Labor Coalition has been in defeat denial, embarking on a campaign of schoolyard spite denying the elected Liberal-National coalition government its popular mandate.   Trust was lost in the Senate practically since the start of the Abbott government in late 2013, once the Greens-Labor aligned majority began rejecting many of the government’s bills.

This has triggered a crisis of confidence in parliament, which has prompted today the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull calling a double dissolution of both the House of Representatives and the Senate of our national parliament in Canberra.

So Australia goes to an early election in eight weeks time voting for a new government and a new Senate.  PM Abbott should have had the balls to pull the double dissolution trigger in late 2013 the moment the vindictive Greens-Labor started their sabotaging bill blocking tactics.

Double Dissolution 2016

The last time a double dissolution happened in 1975, the Senate had lost trust in Labor PM Gough Whitlam to responsibly live within his government’s means.  Labor’s irresponsible overspending fetish is the common denominator now and then.

But not only has Canberra lost trust in itself, the Australian people have lost trust in politicians, government and in many way the whole political process.  Not that dictatorship would be any better, or communism or anarchy; but a corrupted democracy serves only the corrupt.

Public Mistrust in Government

Public trust in politicians is at a low in Australia, and such despondency seems to be afflicting most nations.  Wealthy vested interests are shaping government policies instead of the democratic will of the people.

The distrust tends to be greatest amongst older Australians because unlike young people, the older generation can recall the hay days of Australia’s good life, before the invasion.  They can compare to now noting things have got worse from when Australians were not overrun by mass immigration and ethnic demand driving job losses, unaffordable costs of living, extortionate rents and mortgages, commuting congestion, and ethnic crime – all dragging down Australia’s quality of life.  Then multiculturalism tops it all off by favouring ethnics and marginalising Australians in our own country.

These problems of mass immigration and multiculturalism are destroying traditional Australia.  Such policies are being driven by party politicians not representing the will of Australians.

A Edelman Trust Barometer 2015 Survey points to an “evaporation of trust” in institutions and leaders worldwide. The annual survey found a decline in public trust overall, with more countries classified as distrusting than trusting, citing “a deeper malaise in the public’s faith in its core institutions and leaders.

This is career politicians are parachuted into safe seats to do the bidding of the political party and the vested interests, against the democratic will of the people.  The public has lost trust in government mainly because they do not believe that it “contributes to the greater good”. More than 50% do not believe that the government helps them to live a fulfilling and healthy life.

Asked who Australians trusted most, political parties rank below real estate agents, trade unions, employers and TV news programs.

These two corrupt intrusions have corroded representative democracy in Australia – Vested Interest Bribing (corporate donations to political parties) and Party Safe Electoral Seats – where democracy is anesthetized.

Canberran Mistletoe – the financial parasite on Working Australians

Canberra has always been out of touch with Ordinary Australians; not just geographically isolated, but socially and economically disconnected from the fundamental concerns and needs or Ordinary Australian taxpayers who fund the place.  Canberra’s creation as a capital was political – all but a return to British colonialism when decisions were made from London taking weeks to be communicated by ship.

Since Canberra was artificially created as a compromise to appease Melbourne and Sydney as the location for the head of government in Australia, Canberra has been distant and aloof from the daily needs of Ordinary Australians.

Politicians and the armies of taxpayer-funded public servants who live in Canberra are paid more than most Australians.  They live like aristocracy and enjoy perks, privileges and rorts not available to most Australians.

Perhaps Canberra deserves a bit of payback; we could outsource the lot.

Corrupted Democracy

Australians once trusted the democratic process. While we got on with our lives, we assumed our politicians had our best interests at heart.
Not anymore. That trust has collapsed.

Former MP Mark Latham observes that our parliamentary democracy has lost touch with the people it’s supposed to represent. As with most institutions at risk, politics has become more tribal, with left- and right-wing fanatics dominating formerly robust, mainstream parties.  It has become one long race to the bottom.

The Liberals spruiks “jobs and growth” for whom? Immigrants in the cities?  The Nats just do what the Libs tell them, like building a wasteful second airport for urban Sydney to provide for more urban immigrants.  Labor spruiks positive policies, but to benefit whom – unions, immigrants?  The Greens spruik social justice, for whom?  Millions of illegals from the Third World and social deviants.

Prime Ministers Turnbull, Abbott, Rudd, Gillard, Howard, Keating, Hawke, Fraser, Whitlam and those before them have all dishonestly broken key pre-election pledges, deceived and lied to the electorate once getting into power.

Australia suffers a trust deficit that stretches from the Right of business to the Left of the union movement and everywhere in between.

We have a political vacuum in Australia.

Those born before comrade Whitlam’s socialist wrath are witnessing the demise of traditional Australia – our productive capacity, the sell off of our public wealth, our public institutions, Australia’s iconic brands and our industries to foreigners, and with these our proud national identity.  We see secret Free Trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership thrust upon us for some vested interest ideology. We see foreigners buying up our land and taking our jobs. Both Labor and Liberal take turns in Canberra of selling off our public assets, spending the taxpayers’ treasury then taking us into massive debt.

Both Greens-Labor and Liberal-Nationals duopoly have ignored our spiraling government debt.

We see the vested interests corruptly bribing politicians with millions in donations getting what they want and getting richer, while Ordinary Australians and their real wages and wealth erode.  Australia’s once proud equality has all but gone.  These days the gap between rich and poor is the worst it has ever been.  Only wealthy migrants can afford to buy a house in Melbourne or Sydney, displacing Australians to the Bush.

Our rural Australians and our Aboriginal Australians are all but forgotten in the cities and in Canberra.

Australians despondent about government

Both Labor and Liberal seem to be in a race to the bottom of the trust bucket.  Australians don’t trust either to reduce the debt.  Australians don’t trust Labor or The Greens to protect our sovereignty from illegals.   Australians don’t trust the Libs or the Nats not to sell off our public assets or our farms to foreign mining corporations.  Both Labor and Liberal keep betraying the public’s trust with impunity, then the next week carry on as if everyone has forgotten.

Truth might build trust; its absence the opposite.  Political truth is an oxymoron.

Many Australian have tuned out.  Australians are not silly.  We know that if we are not in a marginal electoral seat, our vote is ignored, if not abused.  So many thousands of Australians will vote informal.  We have to endure eight weeks of political campaigning, funded by millions of dollars in donations from the vested interests of the major parties, to spend on political advertising and pork barrelling.

Yawn, same bullshit, different election.

Best go back to looking after your mum today.  At least you can trust her.

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