Money is personal wealth so encourage a cash economy

The Labor Government wasted billions of Australian taxpayer money on crap. Gillard and Rudd have been falsely rewarded by hundred thousands in taxpayer funded pensions for life.

The Liberal are set to borrow $500 billion and pay taxpayer interest on the loan.

Tell them all where to get off by opting out of the LibLab self interest economy.

Pay fair Aussie cash only, and don’t feed the greedy LibLab tax pollies.

Australia’s major banks continue to make record profits from bank loan and mortgage stressed ordinary Australians.  All the while foreigners are artifically driving Aussies out of Australian property and businesses.

LibLab governments have approved the banks to steal deposits from long term Australian investors.  Ordinary Australians lose out again.

We see no more reasons to justify encouraging all true Australians to drive a cash economy.

  • For all transactions pay cash.
  • For all work get paid in cash.
  • Keep no records unless you wish to land up in gaol
  • Foreign corporations pay no Australian tax
  • Foreigners owning Australian land pay no Australian tax
  • So declare no income to the tax office
  • Recognise that all tax is wasted on greedy self-serving politicians
  • Economic Nationalism is about our national wealth remaining in Australia
  • Australian cash is Australian.

Cash is king.  Your cash is yours.

Blue Singlet Prejudice