Milk: The New Frontier of White Supremacy

Nothing like a bit of Reflective Racism

Daily Stormer:  An intrepid Nazi-hunter exposes top YouTubers as White-power Nazis through their damning love of milk, which is the last stand of implicit White identity.   So these trolls ‘Shia LaBeouf’ taunted non-Whites for their lactose intolerance, which saw the media jumping on the satire to proclaim the silky white beverage as a new Nazi symbol.



But Competition Looms..

Well, forbidden rice was the new black a few years back.  Goth gardeners in outback Turkey inbred the black rose making anarchists froth.

The Italian mafia sells squid ink black pasta as ‘soul food‘ in the U.S. for a premium.

But now black milk’s all the rage, my man.  Frankly we find it 18C Offensive!

And who better to promote it than Anthony ‘The Man’ Mundine himself?