Mike Baird the Liberal Party’s muslim lover downunder

Australia is a Western secular nation holding liberal Christian beliefs and values.  But try telling Liberal Party’s Mike Baird, the unelected premier of New South Wales.

Yesterday Mike Baird declared himself a “friend” of foreign muslims speaking to thousands of Islamic worshippers outside a prominent mosque in Sydney’s South West.

Mike Baird Muslim

Lakemba Mosque has now become synonymous with ethnic muslim culture pervading South West Sydney.  Any Traditional Australians stand out in the enclave.

Mike Baird not only embraces muslim culture over secular and Christian culture.  He even fasted to mark the end of Ramadan and told Muslims they have a strong friend in his Liberal Government.

Last Thursday, Baird invited a gathering of muslim community leaders in the Strangers Dining Hall at NSW State Parliament to mark the end of the Islamic fasting period.  Speaking at the annual ‘Iftar Dinner’, Mr Baird, a Christian, received a loud applause when he said he used the experience of a day’s fast to reflect:  ‘Multiculturalism is alive and well in NSW. It is something of which we’re very proud,  Baird said last Thursday night.  ‘And as I reflect on Ramadan, it just is a reminder of the need to protect that, to ensure we do everything we can to protect it.’

Baird is a treacherous development for Urban Australia, which beyond our capital cities most Regional Australians have not yet grasped.

Muslim Mike BairdDaddy, what is Islam Sharia Law?


The growing influx of muslims into Australia is outweighing secular migrants and Christians combined.  Islamic ‘Eid al-Fitr‘ is set to overrule Christmas and Easter thanks to the treacherous betrayal by those Australians in power and dangerous, like innocent-looking Mike Baird.

Arab and Islamic studies are being encouraged to flourish at Sydney universities since Kevin ’07 and as revolutions and turmoil rock the Middle East and young Muslims in Australia align themselves more with their family’s Islamic heritage than with loyalty to their adopted host nation, Australia.

Nijab Surf Culture

Educators say they have experienced solid growth in their Arab and Islamic programs with some reporting a more than 200 per cent increase in numbers since 2008.  Three years ago Charles Sturt began offering a Bachelor of Islamic studies and next year will add a Master of Classical Arabic to its curriculum. The university has about 340 students enrolled in the subject, most of whom come from a Muslim background.

Charles Sturt University’s Mehmet Ozalp, who teaches religious and Islamic studies, says his students have even included war veterans who served in Middle East countries.

”Some of them are ex-soldiers who have been to Afghanistan or somewhere and now want to study Islam properly,” he says.

A number of universities around NSW offer Arab and Islamic studies. While not all offer a dedicated degree, many feature specialised course units, often looking at the cultural, historical, religious, social and political dimensions of the Arab and Islamic world.

Little Miss Oppressed

At the University of Western Sydney enrolments have leaped from 60 in 2008 to about 200 in 2013. UWS’s senior lecturer in Islamic studies Jan Ali says that his students often go on to work in the community.

The University of Sydney began teaching Arabic and Islamic studies in the 1970s, but didn’t set up a dedicated department until 2000. Nijmeh Hajjar, associate professor at the university, says the courses continue to be popular.   ”The department is flourishing at all levels,” she says.

Muslim JusticeStandard muslim punishment, and this is for men. 
Women are stoned to death!

Mike Baird, your muslim populism will only serve you more muslim votes.