Work for the Liberal Party Dole in da Philippines

The Liberal Party in Australia under Tony Abbott is simplistically shooting from the hip to solve the government cost of unemployed Australians.  Instead of job creation, the Liberals arrogantly dismiss our unemployed as a cost burden.   Australia’s unemployed represent Australia’s neglected and growing underclass caused by LibLab privatisation and offshoring.

The Liberal Party only sees workers as a cost to employers.  Abbott’s Liberals now demand that all Australians not gainfully employed be forced to apply for 40 jobs a month.

But what jobs, where?

In Tony’s electoral promise to corporate vested interests who bank rolled the Liberals back into power, when it comes to Liberal Party cuts to public commitments, Australian job seekers are expendable.   Unemployed Australians don’t vote Liberal.

Tony Abbott has this week unveiled the Liberal Party’s $5 billion jobs placement program for unemployed Australians to forcibly ‘Work for the Dole‘ for 25 hours a week for all aged from 18 to 50.

Abbott is just doing a Howard. This was John Howard’s simplistic antidote in 1998 for unemployed Australians.  Howard is Abbott’s political mentor divine.

Tony Abbott Howardism

But the Liberal Party is not building more jobs for the job seekers.  It is demonising those now structurally unemployed caused by Liberal and Labor policies.

Consider Telstra and its 3000 Australian workers sacked after Labor privatisation and subsequent offshoring to cheap-as-chips Philippino labour.  Last week Telstra told nearly 700 of its technical staff and contractors in Australia that their jobs will be shifted to Manila.

This is the Telstra Sell to Australians:

Telstra Business

So Australia’s unemployed can work for Abbott’s dole in the Philippines at $10 an hour.

Telstra says the relocations are being made to service its growing business in the region after the privatised Telstra earned a $1.5 billion in 2013 for private shareholders.  Telstra is no longer serving Australian public communications.  Keating Labor’s cash grab in 1996 (implemented by Howard) privatised Australia’s national telecommunications asset, Telstra.  Telstra has since served its private shareholders over and above Australian taxpayers relying upon telecommunications infrastructure.

This is Telstra’s third world workplace reality:

Call center worker, Stellar Philippines.

If Aussies want to work for the dole, like ex-Telstra employees, they can earn $10 an hour in Manila, or 1/4 their Australian salary, no sick leave, no entitlements, no nothing.

Offshoring in Australia

Is this the fate of Australia’s 50,000 new unemployed from Australia’s now defunct automotive industry, effectively offshored by both Labor and the Libs? Work Choices are back via American-style offshoring to the two-bit Third World.

Amercian Labour Regime