Australia’s school education contaminated by Leftist propaganda

Since the wreak-havoc Greens-Labor’s Corrosion Era of 2007-2013, Rudd and Gillard may as well still be in power across Australia.

Left Labor’s radical socialist worldview permeates Australia’s national education curricula.  It continues to contaminate young Australian minds.  Australian school students are being force fed socialist agenda such as:

  • Political Correctness
  • Climate Alarmism
  • British Invasion Theory
  • Globalism
  • Fabian Marxism
  • Asianisation
  • Multicultural Prejudice against Traditional Australians
  • Indebted Welfarism
  • Mainstreaming Sodomy
  • and the full suite of Greens Party Policies.

Greens in the SenateIs this the Australia, Australians want for our youth?

What happened to good old English – spelling, grammar, sentence construction, essay writing, critical thinking, and to basic arithmetic, geometry and to learning about our own Australian history?  Answer:  Greens-Labor have set out to corrode the Australian identity, and its ‘education revolution’ has already dumbed down classroom learning.

Mandarin Rudd, the moment he fraudulently assumed power, centralised and micro-managed all our school education under his communist-inspired ‘Education Revolution’.

His deputy socialist Gillard, was and remains a card-carrying Fabian and Socialist.  As Leftist education meisters, Gillard and Garrett despatched their Leftist agenda, centralising education, politicised school curricula, and dictated Orwellian control of teaching staff, date collection, assessment, reporting, and monitoring.

Labor’s fully-imported NAPLAN test has imposed a grading regime for students and their schools, but also as a means of Orwellian control of school education content by drip-feeding their funding.

Labor Education“This is the Fabian socialist hyperbowl I have in mind for proletariat kids.”


Chairman Rudd’s Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians in 2007 was characteristic of Communist Russia and Maoist China.  It enforced Rudd’s central blueprint for his cultural-Left curricula.  It was not Rudd’s idea but simply copy-pasted from that which Tony Blair (a Fabian) had already forced upon British schools – Climate Alarmism, Globalism, Fabian Marxism, Afro-Arab Multiculturalism and Laptop-driven Childhood Obesity.

Rudd Laptop ObesityMy laptop per child policy is me educational revolution,
and each comes with webcam to take Selfies, hey, hey!


Greens-Labor’s promise of Australian education by 2012 being ranked in the top-five nations in reading, mathematics and science was a deliberate con.  Australian school literacy and numeracy skills have fallen since these Labor’s wild idea years.

Towards the end of Greens-Labor’s Corrosive Era in late 2012, the international Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) of 65 nations reported that half of Australian teenagers lacked basic maths skills and a third were illiterate.   It found that of 14,500 Australian students assessed, Aussie teens are ranked 17th in maths, 10th in literacy and 8th in science.   Australia’s ranking fell in all subjects, from 15th to 19th in maths, 10th and 16th in science and 9th to 14th in reading since 2009.   Tasmania and the Northern Territory lagged well behind other states in all three areas.  These represent Australian regions least contaminated by anti-Australian immigration.

The percentage of girls not studying maths doubled from 9% in 2001 to 20% in 2011.  So much for Gillard being the champion of female equality!   So much for “increasing accountability and transparency”.  So much for Gillard’s “outcomes-based education” spin.

Labor’s 2011 Gonski Reforms only recommended $5 billion be thrown at education to fund the Leftist propaganda.  Gonski didn’t care about what was to be taught, just so long as school curricula remained centralised, propaganda uptake determined individual school funding, and that every new migrant got a free laptop and $10,000 in ‘teaching resources’.

Where is Rudd now?

He’s trying to run for Ban Ki Moon’s job directing the United Nations.  Global communism here we come!

Where’s Gillard now?

True to her Fabian socialist missionary beliefs, she’s chairing the board of The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) to shape South Pacific education plans, systems and curricula.  She is demanding Australia gift $100 million a year to her cause.  Recall when as PM she gifted $600 million of Australia’s wealth to fund Indonesian Islamic schools.  Political spots don’t change.   How about looking further afield?  Since the 2010 earthquake, Haiti has had a shortage of witches.

Julia Gillard Socialist Spots

Meanwhile back in Australia, the results of Rudd-Gillard’s education revolution reveal that Australian students have slipped backwards in maths performance by about a half a year of schooling compared to 10 years ago.   Asian nations like China, Singapore, Korea and Japan are pulling ahead of Australian students in maths and reading.

Rudd Gillard Education RevolutionMore Gonski Julia, more Gonski !


Australian students also report a higher frequency of not listening, noise and disorder, and teachers needing to wait a long time for students to quieten down; compared with like Western nations in the OECD.  Gillard’s Fabian social re-engineering is working.

Greens-Labor education is all about supplanting skills, competencies and Australian values with simplistic shallow entertaining teaching.   Labor’s science curriculum prescribes that science education must be made contemporary and relevant to students’ interests.  Kids may as well be watching TV and indeed most schools have Kev’s GFC plasma TVs above the teachers’ chalk board in the classrooms.

The current HSC English paper is flawed and ideologically driven. Mirroring the ALP government’s worldview, the paper suggests that Australian society is “pluralistic and changing”, characterised by “diversity and dynamism” and that a major function of education is to promote equity (especially related to socio-economic and indigenous status). Once again, change is emphasised over continuity and what the nation holds in common is ignored in favour of diversity and difference.

Greens-Labor’s Outcomes-Based Education (OBE) was cloaked in a back-to-basics education sell.   In reality it has been all about skin deep entertainment replacing rich learning.  Teachers have been told they must centre science teaching on controversial issues related to everyday experiences and so-called real-life situations.  It is pure crap.

Memorisation and formal, competitive testing are also out the window as teachers are told that assessment must be diagnostic and formative. The more traditional subject-based approach, described as a “content-based summative approach”, is frowned upon and the paper argues that “a knowledge-laden curriculum” leads to a superficial understanding of the discipline.

Greens-Labor’s Outcomes-Based Education agenda has been all about dumbing down Australians, undermining Australia’s colonial identity, developing an Asia-Pacific perspective, so that foreigners could come in and run industry.  It has led to falling standards as evidenced by remedial classes at the tertiary level and academics having to water down first-year subjects in mathematics, physics and chemistry.

Greens-Labor’s wildest years (2007-2013) shall be remembered as Garrett’s forgotten years between Australia’s otherwise comparative prosperity.  Greens-Labor repudiated Australia’s British Christian heritage, language and culture.  It maligned our traditional values for foreign diversity and for transgender perversity – the new ‘political correctness’.

Greens Urban FlagGreens-Labor Values now contaminate Australian school education.
Tranny Teachers rights will be next.


Greens-Labor’s 2007-2013 corrosive legacy has imposed its cultural Left subjective view of Australian culture in schools, neglecting Australia’s Western Christian values at the core of our institutions.   It teaches that “citizenship means different things to different people at different times”, rather than preparing students for an understanding of their responsibilities.  Such a subjective view of citizenship allows Islamic fundamentalists to justify mistreating women and carrying out jihad against non-believers.”

According to freelance education writer and the Director of Melbourne-based Education Strategies, Dr Kevin Donnelly, Rudd was proud of his ability to speak Mandarin and to empathise with the “Middle Kingdom”. Based on the Commonwealth government’s plan to centralise control and micromanage state and territory education departments, sectors and schools, it should be obvious that speaking Mandarin was not the only thing Rudd borrowed from his years working in China.

Rudd unleashed his de-cultural Ebola virus and it will be a massive task to contain it, starting with unraveling South West Sydney’s Islamisation.

Ramadan PropagandaFoul meddamas mamma!


Greens Leftist politics continues to pervade Australia’s school curricula. Like Gillard-installed Mark Scott still ruling the agenda of our national broadcaster the ABC, the Leftist propaganda pervades Australian society as though Rudd-Gillard were still in power.

The curriculum aims to sustain the biosphere, the ecosystem, and the environment, but not our lifestyle, our living standards, our productivity, liberties, or our budget. This is not a philosophy that cares about sustaining the workforce, our health, or our legal system. Real sustainability would be concerned with sustaining The Scientific Method. Green political sustainability does the opposite.

In the dis-organising idea of sustainability, the word environment appears six times, the word global — three times, but spending, budget, debt, or balance sheet don’t get a single mention.

The national history curriculum has been politicised.  Australian History is taught as one of invasion when it comes to British colonisation, but then celebrates Asian immigration.  The curriculum leans towards a politically correct, distinctly Leftist agenda, which places undue emphasis on concepts like ‘environmentalism’, ‘socialism’, and ‘multiculturalism’, while denigrating the legacy and achievements of Western Civilisation.  If you are third generation white Australian or more, at primary school age you are condemned as invader baggage deserving of collective guilt for the 1788 Aboriginal Holocaust!

Students are expected to study ‘celebrations and commemorations in other places around the world … including those that are observed in Australia such as Chinese New Year, Christmas Day, Diwali, Easter, Hannukkah, the Moon Festival and Ramadan.’   Christmas Day and Easter are listed alongside Diwali and Ramadan as if they are of no extra significance-regardless of the fact that modern-day Australia, as a Western nation, owes far more to Christianity than any other religion … like it or not.

What the hell.  Ramadan in Australia has just as much cultural meaning as wacky American gigs like the Roadkill Cook Off, the Testicle Festival, Nalukataq Festival, the Humungus Fungus Fest, the National Hollerin’ Contest, the National Lentil Festival, and the Wisconsin State Cow Chip Throw and Festival.

Sonny Bill Ramadan

Australian cultural traditions and institutions that are rooted in the Magna Carta, Common Law, the English Civil War, Western Christian traditions and civilisation – are specifically excluded as if all books on these important topics have been burned.

“I want sustainability – I want sustainable civilizations. What makes human cultures rise and fall, why have some countries prospered or conquered and others collapsed? What is it about the West, or the Anglosphere, that extends lifespans, increases wealth, discovery, productivity and means we look after our environments so much better than poorer civilizations? What is it about the West that means people from most other cultures want to move here, but few of us want to leave? “

Not only is the cultural Left agenda failing Australian students, it is dangerously brainwashing and dumbing down Australian children.

Greens-Labor’s national curricula indoctrination doesn’t need to be reviewed. It needs to be scrapped.

Labor Education Revolution Sorry, the uni cafe’s closed.  It’s Ramadan!